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1.02 Welcome Charter & Main Manual, 145 pages

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A comprehensive standard selection of the basic hotel SOP’s needed.
Including the main operation manual, essentials of “moment of truth” and the welcome charter for all departments ( guest expectations & staff behaviour operationally)



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Moment Of Truth:

1.02 Welcome Charter & Main Manual


 What The Guests Expect

• Staff to behave in a dignified manner
• Staff to be welcoming, friendly yet not over familiar.
• To be treated as an individual and not a number

 How To Satisfy – Behaviourally

• Exercise warm, yet not over familiar approach
• Use distinct, precise diction
• Use controlled physical gestures
• Maintain a dignified poise in every situation
• Use guest name, not room number at all times
• Management to establish and support training culture

 How to Satisfy – Operationally

 Give new staff members a set time period until confident in their tasks before exposing them to guests.
 Provide professional training programs dealing with behavioural and service skills.
 Avoid name badges labelled Trainee, Apprentice and Junior ( if not imposed by regional regulations.

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Moment Of Truth:

1.03 Welcome Charter – Caring For Guests

 What The Guests Expect

• To be treated as an individual:
– Staff to be welcoming
– Staff to be available
– Staff to listen and react
– Staff to be considerate

 How To Satisfy – Behaviourally

• Make eye contact, listen and smile
• Anticipate guest needs by being a proactive service provider
• Always ask guest for his name as opposed to his / her room number.
• To be sensitive and proactive to our guests’ needs, fulfilling every detail of their service expectations
• Always handle guest requirements and contact other departments or outside companies on guests’ behalf. No guest will be told to call another department.
• Be passionate about giving service

 How To Satisfy – Operationally

• Employ people that are positive, open and friendly
• Have regularly assess Induction procedures
• List, advertise, promote and regularly discuss the Service Standards.
• Assign a dedicated departmental mentor to all new staff during his/her trial period.
• Implement recorded staff appraisals prior to final employment and regularly thereafter.
• Allow all staff members the opportunity to participate in all relevant training programs.
• Adapt manning guides to meet guest expectations.

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Moment Of Truth:

1.04 Welcome Charter – Professionalism

 What The Guests Expect

• To be treated in a friendly manner and have their privacy respected.
• To feel reassured by receiving efficient and reliable service.

 How To Satisfy – Behaviourally

• Always appear calm and collected.
• Know how to reassure guests
• Anticipate guests’ needs and resolve their concerns.
• Respond quickly to all guests’ requests.
• Keep informed in order to keep the guests informed
• Make a positive contribution in order to ensure an overall friendly atmosphere in the hotel.
• Never blame / criticize fellow colleagues performance or hotel / management policies.

 How To Satisfy – Operationally

• Skills Training
• Provide and budget for a permanent departmental trainer in key guest contact areas.
• Regularly train supervisory levels in Leadership practices.
• Have all relevant information to hand and be able to offer alternatives
• Implement regular performance appraisals.
• Continuously check product and skills knowledge.
• Reward good behaviour and outstanding performances.
• All staff members to be given opportunity to participate in all relevant training programme.
• Regularly find out and share with colleagues ”best practices” from competitors.

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Moment Of Truth: 1.05 Welcome Charter – Grooming

 What The Guests Expect

• Staff appearance to reflect the image of the company, property and cultural heritage.

 How To Satisfy – Behaviourally

• Take pride and care of your personal appearance, dress and personal grooming.
• Take pride in being recognised by wearing your uniform correctly and your name badge on left-hand side above chest, while on duty.
• Always practice a strict personal hygiene.
• Make sure that your body language and genuine smile are the point of focus
• A neat appearance is essential:
– Neat, conventional hairstyle
– Tasteful, subtle make-up
– Discreet jewelry
– Shoes shined and in good repair
– Clean clothes, freshly pressed and smart.

 How To Satisfy – Operationally

• Provide sufficient uniform par stocks and do not allow unfit items to be issued by laundry or uniform services. Implement flexible uniform issuing hours.
• Provide well equipped, well-ventilated, regularly inspected locker rooms.
• Provide lockers with “windows” at hanger level to facilitate control ( recommended )
• Do not allow uniforms to be worn outside the hotel premises ( unless on hotel business ) to reduce wear and tear.
• Grooming counselling to be organized on a regular basis through cosmetic suppliers.
• On site or arranged personnel rates with barber and hairdresser.
• Enforce daily controls by each department Supervisor / Manager

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