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1.05 Mock Up Room Check List, 8 pages

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A product standard checklist for every GM and interior designer needed for setting up
Mock-up Rooms during the pre-opening phase. Equipment, facilities and attributes
listed by room sections.



Pre-view pages

Product Standards Check List

Mock Up Room





All locking systems to be electronic keycards











Not installed yet

An inside/outside hook for hanging breakfast doorknob
Wide-angle eyepiece with cover on the entrance door
Wishbone devise on the entrance door Metal  door protection missing
Fire procedures with emergency exist displayed in frame, indicating

Audible alarm signals, located on or adjacent to the entrance door

Door will be self – closing (Noiseless)
Doorstop with door holder device No holder device
Bell on entrance door. Actual “ring” should be either in bathroom or well inside the bedroom  


Not installed yet




Closed wardrobe with fully length hanging. Shelf above for extra pillows





Lighting switch for wardrobe with entrance light
Inside lighting
Divider between hanging garments and drawers
·        Minimum height under the rod: 160 cm. Rod not installed yet
·        Minimum width of the closet: 140 cm.
·        Minimum depth inside the wardrobe 60 cm.
·        Electronic minisafe Not fixed properly and need wooden frame
Wooden hangers without anti-thief fitting:

·        6 standard








SOE list

·        6 with skirt clips SOE list
·        2 satin padded coat hangers SOE list
A frame for displaying safety advice and regulations To be design by signage consultant
A tie-rack
A hook for hanging the clothing bag N/A
Complete Iron board set FFE list
A holder fixed inside the wardrobe for laundry list, dry-cleaning list and

Laundry bags including hook for shoehorn and brush

SOE list
Umbrella inside the wardrobe SOE list
 Full length mirror on entrance wall or preferably on wardrobe door To be specified by P49




Smoke detector and sprinkler system















To be tested

Air conditioning with thermostat and ventilation control Not connected/to be tested
A minimum of 4 free sockets in each bedroom To be tested
Artworks to be hanged with anti-thief feature To be specified by Art consultant



·        Main lighting providing soft atmosphere (a minimum of 150 lux.)



To be measured

·        1 sofa standing lamp (a minimum of 150 lux.)
·        2 bedside lamps (a minimum of 300 lux.)
·        1 desk lamp (a minimum of 300 lux.)
·        2 reading light with separate switch

·        2 incoming lines



·        3 telephone sets:
– 1 set at bedside
– 1 set on the desk (wireless)
– 1 set hanging in the bathroom
·        PC/FAX outlet and Data port at the writing desk, and level with desk top  


Data port missing

·        Call indicator lamp on telephone set and message light To be verify with Siemens Phone set
·        Voice mail To be set up
·        “One Call Center” clearly indicate on telephone set To be verify with Siemens Phone set
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