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1.06 Hotel Life Safety Inspection, 6 pages

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A specific hotel safety check list, details mentioned as per the various hotel
areas and according to the severity codes needed for front & back of the house areas.



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Hotel Life Safety Inspection



  • Walking – Working Surfaces
  • Means of Egress
  • Employee Emergency Plan
  • Fire Prevention Plan
  • Occupational Health and Environmental Controls
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • General Environmental Controls
  • Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout)
  • Medical and First Aid
  • Fire Protection
  • Portable Fire Suppression Equipment
  • Fixed Fire Suppression Equipment
  • Compressed Gas and Air Equipment
  • Slings
  • Machinery and Machine Guarding
  • Hand and Portable powered tools and other hand held equipment
  • Guarding of Portable power tools
  • Welding, Cutting and Brazing
  • Oxygen Fuel Gas Welding and Cutting
  • Laundry Machinery and Operations
  • Electrical Power Generator Transmission and Distribution
  • Electrical
  • Blood Borne Pathogens
  • Air Contaminates
  • Materials Handling and Storage

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General Hotel Inspection


Severity Codes

A=Immediate Danger     B=Likely to cause serious injury     C= LIKELY TO CAUSE



iNSPECTOR:_______________________________________                                    dATE:_______________________________________



A B c
1)      Are lot surfaces free of tripping hazards?
2)      Are the parking lots well illuminated?
3)      Is there a maintenance program to keep the area free of ice and snow where applicable?
4)      Are sidewalks in good condition, free of tripping situations?
5)      Is drive area in good condition, free of tripping / slipping situations?
6)      Are access lanes to the Inn kept free of parked cars to allow     for the arrival of emergency vehicles?
7)      Are curbs or other types of elevations painted or clearly identified to prevent tripping?
8)      Do entrance doors work smoothly and are they free of sharp edges that could cut or snag?
9)      Are threshold plates secure and free of protruding screws, etc?
10)   Are solid glass doors marked with a decal or some form of identification to prevent guests from walking into them?
11)   Do door closure devices work smoothly and prevent the doors from slamming shut?
12)   Is carpet area free of snags, tears, etc?
13)   Is floor in good condition and treated with non-slip floor polish or some other slip prevention means?
14)   Is area free of obstructions that could cause injury from tripping, slipping or bumping?
15)   Are such things as ash urns, displays, etc., kept out of the general traffic patterns?
16)   Are floors free of tripping situations?
17)   Are fire exits clearly marked and are fire exit directional signs illuminated?
18)   Are stairs equipped with handrails that are securely fastened?


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19)   Are stairs, ramps, etc. well illuminated?
20)   Are directional signs easy to read to avoid confusion?
21)   Is there a smooth transition from carpeted areas to hard floor surfaces?
22)   Are changes in floor elevations clearly identified?
23)   Are doors leading to service areas identified with SERVICE PERSONNEL ONLY signs?
24)   Are restricted doors kept locked?
25)   Are rooms kept locked when not in use?
26)   Are fire exits clearly visible and fire exit directional signs illuminated?
27)   Are fire exits kept free of obstructions such as table and chair setups?
28)   Is carpet in good condition, free of tears and snags that could cause tripping?
29)   Are electrical cords, etc. taped down when used in meeting rooms?
30)   Are meeting rooms inspected prior to use by guests?
31)   Are chairs and tables, riser platforms and steps inspected prior to use?  Do they meet Inn safety standards?
32)   Are risers and staging set up against walls or with railings to prevent guests from stepping off the rear?
33)   Are riser steps free of defects, secure and steady?
34)   Are service doors clearly marked to avoid confusion with fire exits?
35)   Are service doors identified for IN and OUT direction?
36)   Are ash urns, etc. kept out of normal traffic patterns?
37)   Are floors maintained during operation hours?
38)   Are entrances free of obstructions?
39)   Is area well illuminated?
40)   Are chairs / tables inspected regularly to ensure steadfastness?
41)   Are fire exits clearly marked and are signs illuminated?
42)   Are bus areas kept clean and in good order?
43)   Are glasses stored away from ice bins?
44)   Are areas inspected prior to opening?
45)   Are child seats (high chairs) secure and steady?
46)   Are employees instructed to clean up spills as they occur?
47)   Are employees instructed to warn guests about hot plated food?
48)   Are employees instructed in the Heimlich maneuver life saving technique?  Are instructional posters displayed?
49)   Is area well illuminated without the existence of shadows and sharp contrasts?
50)   Are fluorescent fixtures protected with plastic covers?
51)   Is floor in good condition without loose, chipped or broken tiles?
52)   Is there an ongoing floor cleaning program during operating hours?
53)   Is area in good order free of tripping hazards and obstructions?
54)   Are electrical panels unobstructed and clearly marked?  Are they kept closed?


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