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1.01 Welcome Charter & SOP’s, 97 pages

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A comprehensive standard selection of the basic and essential hotel SOP’s needed
For the various operational departments, be it for pre-opening settings or as guidelines
For running operation.



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Welcome Charter

Standards Of Performance

Subject: 1.04 Workshop – Flow Chart – Text

Getting the most out of the Welcome Charter in your hotel involves a number of steps:
GM Launch
The General Manager launches the Welcome Charter with his Executive
Committee. Programme must have the support of the General Manager to be
Successful. Some transparencies are provided to assist General Managers in
presenting the Welcome Charter to the Executive team.
Implementation Workshop With The Executive Committee
The General Manager must work with the Executive team in analyzing the
Welcome Charter. The analysing process involves at each standard and
deciding whether it can be implemented through training or a reorganisation or
through implementing a new procedure. For example:
Greeting the guest and using the name during the conversation can be achieved
through training.


Offer a complimentary newspaper with the breakfast tray in room service may require
some budgeting and cannot be implemented immediately. A short term action plan
must be made to implement this standard.
Answer the telephone in 3 rings may simply require training or in some cases,
changing the entire switchboard. In this case a more long term action plan needs to be

Information & Train The Trainer For Department Heads And Training For Staff
Another part of the planning phase with the Executive committee involves
organising the training of the welcome charter. This entails organising a train
the trainer for department heads, presenting the welcome charter to them and
then having them to train their staff on the standards. The training sessions are provided but
may require some adaptation to your hotel.
Internal Communication And Staff Motivation
The Executive team should discuss and decide upon some internal
communication tools that will assist in creating a philosophy out of the
welcome charter. These may include pocket cards, posters, newsletters,
employee of the month, internal contests and competitions, etc.
Auto Control / Evaluation And Feedback
Part of the success of a quality approach is the control, monitoring and
measurement of the programme. Checklists in the form of SOP’s will have to
be adapted to your hotel.
You may however, develop your own measures of auto control. The key to
Success is consistent measurement and given feedback to the persons concerned.
 Once implementation is on the way and the standards are being measured, this
process must be evaluated and appropriate action taken.

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Subject: 1.05 Workshop – Objectives Of The Welcome Charter

Offer consistent and deliberate service in our resort

Help our hotel to define and redefine standards and thus improve service

Clarify performance requirements and expectations

Provide an easy reference tool
Focus on customer retention

Focus staff on critical guest satisfaction issues they impact on a daily basis
Reinforces importance of service quality at every level of the organisation
Focuses action plans and goal setting based upon customer service and productivity

Results in a focused and co-operative effort
To have known and measurable criteria for quality control

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Subject: Workshop – Standard Definition
It is the minimum service level that is applicable consistently ain our hotel/resort available.
Characteristics of a standard:


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Subject: 1.07 Workshop-Pipe Dream Instructions
To allow participants to practice creativity during a seminar or workshop and to give
themselves “permission “ to be creative.
Before the session begins, place three pipe cleaners at each person’s place. Unless someone
asks what they are for, do not tell them their use until all the participants have arrived and the
session starts.
At that time, tell the group that these items are theirs to do – or make any kind of a
personalized sculpture. If asked further, simply restate they can do anything they want to
with them. ( Urge them to be creative ).
Then ask them to hold up their sculpture and describe it and its use. You may want to choose
the winner ( most creative)
Then ask all participants to straighten their pipe cleaners out again and pool them together.
Get the group to then make one united structure with all the pipe cleaners. They have to pool
their resources ( pipe cleaners and ideas ) to be able to do this.
Discussion Questions:
 How many persons were curious when they entered the room and saw the pipe cleaners?
 Who asked what they were for?
 Who actually did something with them before being told to do so?
 What is the difference between the individual and group structures?
 Discussion Points
The Welcome Charter is something that will look good if the whole hotel participates /the
whole chain participates. One department or hotel can spoil it for the others.
When the Welcome charter arrives at a hotel, the tendency is to photocopy it and hand it
around. It is much better to study it, get organised and prepare the best way of implementing
 That is the what we are here for

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