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1.08 Job descriptions, Accounting & Finance, 75 pages

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A complete selection of Accounting & Finance job descriptions, ideal for setting
your standards during pre-opening and as a guideline during the day-to day operation
for Human Resources ,department head and employee.



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1.01 Financial Controller

1.03 Chief Accountant

1.04 Credit Controller

1.05 Cost Control Officer

1.06 Accountant

1.07 Accounts Payable

1.08 Accounts Receivable Supervisor

1.09 Accounts Receivable Clerk – Collector

1.10 Cashier Supervisor

1.11 General Supervisor

1.12 Outlet Cashier

1.13 Purchasing Manager

1.14 Purchasing Executive

1.15 Purchasing/Receiving Supervisor

1.16 Receiving/Purchasing Supervisor

1.17 Pay Master

1.18 Purchasing Agent

1.19 Store Supervisor

1.20 F&B Store man

1.21 Receiving Clerk Store Man

1.22 Cost Analyst

1.23 Day Audit

1.24 Financial Controller Confidential Secretary

1.25 IT Manager

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Resort & Spa

Job Description

JOB TITLE :                                        FINANCIAL CONTROLLER

DEPARTMENT :                                  Accounting

REPORTS TO :                                    General Manager, Managing Director

SUPERVISES :                                    Accounting Staffs

1. Ensure all internal and external reporting functions are managed in a timely accurate and professional manner and in line with hotels schedule and policy.
2. Reconciliation of all Balance Sheet Asset and Liability accounts to ensure owners investment recorded and managed in line with hotels policy.
3. Maintaining staff, to ensure that all sections of Accounting Department’s staff are functioning properly and efficiently as per standard Policies and Procedures.
4. Assist in the preparation of outlook forecasts/budgets for future planning.


Responsibilities and duties for this position shall include, but not be limited to, the following areas
and activities. At management discretion, direction may be given for tasks outside the scope of
work described.

The duties are:

1. Preparing and/or reviewing daily, weekly and monthly reports in accordance with reporting calendars hotels Finance Policy, ensuring that all reports are submitted on a timely basis and accurate.
2. Hiring, training and evaluating of the Accounting Department’s staff performance.
3. Reviewing hotel Management Agreement to ensure compliance.
4. Liaise with other departments re : Policies and Procedures compliance.
5. Preparing schedule and reports as requested by the Owners.
6. Training/counseling with other Department Heads re : Outlook and profitability.
7. Taxation :
Reviewing all tax matters to ensure that all tax calculations are in line with
the Tax Regulation and submitted to the Government Office in a timely manner as :

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Monthly Tax Payments :

• Expatriate and Local Employee’s income Tax Payable
• Value Added Tax (VAT)
• Withholding Tax on company Fees
• Retail Tax (PB.1)
• Withholding Tax on Professional Fees
• Other Withholding Taxes

Annual Tax Returns :

• Expatriate and Local Employee’s income Tax Payable
• Value Added Tax (VAT)
• Withholding Tax on Sheraton Fees
• Retail Tax (PB.1)
• Withholding Tax on Professional Fees
• Other Withholding Taxes

8. Assist in handling of Internal/External Audit as well as the Tax Audit to prepare the information as requested by the concerned parties. Oversee the completion of in house audits  (Payroll, Cashier, etc).
9. Preparation of Fiscal Budget, Manpower and reforecast.
10. Preparation of any special analysis as may be requested by Head Office and Department Heads.
11. To be responsible for operationally running the Accounting Department, and in this role, ensure that General Manager and Excom are informed on financial issues relating to the hotel.
12. To keep confidentiality.
13. Instigate monthly Communication Meeting.
14. To motivate staff, giving a feeling of team spirit and pride.
15. To follow the Hotels Code of Conduct.

The responsibilities are:

1. Controlling of accuracy of any tax calculations, and timely payments, to avoid any tax penalties, tax administration fines and interest on tax payable.
2. Minimize idle money by investing funds available, looking to the competitive interest rates of Short Term Deposit given by Banks to generate owner income.
3. By improving the employee’s attitude, discipline, sense of belonging, sense of responsibility and knowledge to maximize productivity, reduce staff turnover.
4. Minimize risk of error/fraud in pay preparation and cashiering through regular audit and Administration of internal controls.
5. Involvement and participation in profitability analyzing and planning.
6. Ensure that staffs are given training to meet the requirements of the job.
7. Liaise with other Departments re: Policy compliance.
8. To keep confidentiality.

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– Fluent communicate in English writing and speaking.

– University graduate.

– Good accounting knowledge

– Has experience minimum 2 years in Financial Controller position at 5 star hotels.

– Good Computer knowledge.

– Accurate and precise in figure.


– Must be able to contact with all levels of personnel within the hotel.

– Male or female with age range 30 – 45.

– Good attitude, well groomed and good appearance.

– Honesty – Integrity.

– Open minded & reliable

Office hours is as determined for the category of Accountant and willing to work long hours during month end or year end closing.


High achiever, self-motivated, clear thinker, analytical. Have a good sense of humor and able to work long hours, effectively and communicate well with people at all levels.

Calm, Sociable, Have sense of Humor and Adaptable


The ……………team always believes and behaves in the following:

We have pride in the work we do, how we present ourselves, and how we communicate with our guests and our colleagues.

We always find the best way to solve a problem for a guest or a colleague.

We work closely with our colleagues in all departments to deliver the highest quality of service on
all occasions.

We always think of new ways to surprise and delight our guests.

We treat guests and colleagues fairly – everyone is important.

We are proud to represent our hotel and our country to guests from all over the world.

We are happy to talk to our guests when they ask us questions about our hotel and about Thailand.


The hotel requires that you will not (either during or after your employment), divulge any information acquired by you about the company, its customers and associated business to any third party without express authorization from Senior Management of the hotel.

Since the tasks and SOP’s are increasing, and will be revised at a later stage, it is understood that there will be some additional and new attachments in the future as the business will be increasing and customer’s expectations will be even higher, therefore new tasks will added, as it shall be required.

I have read, understood and agree to this job description, all my duties and responsibilities.

Employee:………………………………….      Signed: …………………………… Date: ……..

Department Head:…………………………  Signed: …………………………… Date……….

Personnel Manager:………………………. Signed: ……………………………  Date: ……..


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