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1.04 General Manager Countdown Check List, 9 pages

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The specific countdown list needed for every General Manager during the
pre-opening phase. Listed by priority, timeframe deadlines and progress status.



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Checklist And Countdown For Pre-Opening Action

Administraion – General Management




              General Manager introduction to owning company and engineers project


              General Manager work permit / visitor’s permit / drivers licence


              Choice of legal consultant


              General Manager legal authorisations


              Leases: General Manager housing and pre-opening offices


              Reception pre-opening budget


              Opening of bank account


              Receipt of funds


              Temporary set up of administrative offices


              Supplies (furniture, equipment, office equipment)


              Office, equipment and furniture


              Set up of communications systems –

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administrative offices – telephone – Fax – email – Internet




              Photocopy machines


              Hire General Manager secretary


              Reception documentation / project studies

·        Feasibility

·        Financial plan

·        Income tax law

·        Economics and local environment

·        Contracts and agreements

·        Marketing & Sales Commercial Plan (PAC)

·Basic hotel program

Technical data

Small Operating Equipment-Furniture Fixtures Equipment lists

Survey studies for Pre-opening Budget establishment



Project                                                Opening Date                                                               Date                                                                             Month

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