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7.11 Job Descriptions, Food & Beverage, 97 pages

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A complete selection of F&B Job Descriptions. All set out in MS WORD and easy to Adjust to your individual requirements. Needed for all major international F&B operations. Restaurant, Stewarding, Catering, Banquet, Artist, Secretar


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1.01 Assistant F&B Manager
1.02 Head Waiter Main & Po
1.03 Head Waitress Lounge
1.04 Outlet Manager
1.05 Outlet Supervisor
1.06 Captain
1.07 Waiter, Waitress
1.08 Waitress lounge
1.09 Restaurant Receptionist
1.10 Bus Boy, Bus Girl
1.11 Bus Boy, Bus Girl Banquet
1.12 Banquet Excursion Supervisor
1.13 Bartender
1.14 Room Service Manager
1.15 Room Service Captain
1.16 Room Service Order Taker & Cashier
1.17 Room Service Waiter
1.18 Banquet Manager
1.19 Assistant Banquet Manager
1.20 Banquet Coordinator/Banquet Sales Executive
1.21 Confidential Secretary
1.22 Banquet Maitre’d
1.23 Assistant Banquet Maitre’d
1.24 Banquet Captain
1.25 Banquet Waiter
1.26 Banquet Houseman
1.27 F&B Artist
1.28 Chief Steward
1.29 Asst Chief Steward
1.30 Steward Supervisor
1.31 Steward Attendant

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JOB TITLE :                    Asst. Food and Beverage Manager

DEPARTMENT :             Food and Beverage

REPORTS TO :               Executive Chef i/o Food & Beverage

SUPERVISES :               Restaurants and Bar Outlet Managers


To assist the Executive Chef i/o Food & Beverage or the Food and Beverage director in planning , implementing and maintaining service quality standards as defined by ….. and the Hotel Food & Beverage policy , to control and coordinate the activity of Restaurants and Bar outlet and carrying out his mission in the field assigned by the latter and the hotel Management and also to constantly for revenue and business development enhancements.


Responsibilities and duties for this position shall include, but not be limited to, the following areas and activities. At management discretion, direction may be given for tasks outside the scope of work described.

The duties are :

1. To coordinate and control the activity of the Restaurant and Bar outlet.
2. To maintain Reception and service quality standards as defined by ……… and the Hotel Food & Beverage policy.
3. To attend and contributes to the weekly Food & Beverage meeting / briefing.
4. To conducts F&B briefing ( if HC / HR absent ).
5. To check customer request, special, or VIP arrangement can be accommodate.
6. Do inspections all F&B Outlets area cleanliness.
7. To check buffet set up ( La Brasserie, Lemon Grass and outlets Special event ).
8. To check and control the light and the sound system for every outlet.
9. To check consistently the sound in the F & B outlet in accordance to the volume of guest.
10. To check all F&B staff grooming and appearance.
11. To assist HR /HC in carrying his mission in the fields assigned by the letter and the Hotel Management.

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12. To constantly strive for revenue and business development enhancements.
13. Participation in coordinating and controlling these outlets.
14. Participate in food & beverage morning briefings and meetings.
15. To participate in the weekly preparation of trophy.
16. Implement appropriate measures to improve control of cost, personnel expenses and charges.
17. To assist HR / HC on budget preparation.
18. Make sure that Meridien quality standard are applied and adhered to at all times.
19. Ensures each managers on-site participation in controlling the quality of services , reception, services, décor and atmosphere in the various sales outlets.
20. Actively participate in making sure that services is performed correctly at all times.
21. Make any suggestion likely to improve the quality of services.

The responsibilities are:

1. To apply and ensure application of standards and procedure set by Le Meridien and those resulting from the Hotel Food and Beverage policy.
2. To establish working hours and ensure employee discipline training with the assistance of HC/HR/HP.
3. Ensure that all staff under his/her supervision are fully aware of house rules and that these rules are implanted.
4. To apply and ensure application of procedures and regulations concerning hygiene and safety.
5. To make sure that all materials and equipment made available to the outlet correctly used and participates in inventory taking.
6. To make sure that all rules concerning ordering and billing are respected.
7. To participate in preparing the department budget.
8. To follow HC/HR instruction concerning control of costs, personal expenses and charges.
9. To make any suggestion likely to improve outlet profitability.
10. To establish and maintain effective F&B employees relations.
11. To conducts under the guidance of HC/HR orientation, job appraisal and coaching to ensure appropriate staffing productivity and effectiveness.
12. To perform related duties and special projects when assigned.
13. To take action personally in case of problems and immediately take the necessary.
14. To participate in planning menus.
15. To make any suggestion to HC/HR likely to improve service quality.
16. To participate in developing the Strategies plan.
17. To be familiar with changes and trends in the competition and the market place.
18. To pay attention to client comments and suggestions, immediately take all required corrective measures and send remarks to HC/HR.
19. Deals with customers complaints and comments.
20. To maintain good customer relationship.
21. To be very professional and efficient when dealing with guests.
22. To constantly review prices, menus and competitive smiles in conjunction with HC/HR.
23. To actively promote all the hotel facilities and Food & Beverage outlets.

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24. To promote good will between facility and clientele consistent which the hotel strategic plan.
25. To liaison with engineering department for all technical requirements through / with the F&B outlets operation.
26. To work close with the Sales & Marketing Department to promote all hotel facilities and sales much as possible of a la carte menus, breakfast, buffets and all different kinds of Food & Beverages promotions.
27. To constantly strive to exceed – guest expectation and to surprise and delight at all times
28. To implement the new welcome chapter plus.
29. To emphasis and organize multi skill training and cross training
30. Through his on-site presence, make sure that the established standards (specification sheets / standard recipes) are indeed respected and implemented.
31. Intermittently verify the potential and actual cost of certain services (buffets, promotional menus).
32. Make any suggestion required to correct failures and differences.
33. To control and review SOP in accordance with new changes.
34. To do the evaluation of the manager and staffs in accordance with hotel policy.
35. To control department in accordance to budget and occupancy.


1. Must be able to communicate in English writing and speaking and order languages that are an advantage.
2. Good communication skill.
3. Strong leadership and proven managerial skill.
4. Good analytical and conceptual skill.
5. Computer skill.


1. Male or female.
2. Must be able to contact with all levels of personnel within the hotel and with the hotel guests.
3. Well-groomed and out going personality.
4. Innovative, self driven, target & result oriented.
5. Preferably graduate from hotel school.
6. Experience 10 – 12 years in F & B operation.


To maintain the highest integrity and personal presentation at all time, and expected to work unsociable hours ( Work in any difference shift ).

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Aptitudes :

1. Well groomed and good appearance.
2. Create good relation with other department.
3. Ability to organize.
4. Open minded.
5. Open minded.
6. Co-operate.
7. Impartial.

Temperament :

1. Outgoing personality.
2. Confident.
3. Consistent.
4. Attentive.

B U S I N E S S   E T H I C S 

The hotel requires that you will not (either during or after your employment), divulge any
Information acquired by you about the company, its customers and associated business to any
Third party without express authorization from Senior Management of the hotel

Since the tasks and SOP’s are increasing, and will be revised at a later stage, it is understood
That there will be some additional and new attachments in the future as the business will be
More increasing and customer’s expectations will be even higher, therefore new tasks will be
Added, as it shall be required.

I have read, understood and agree to this job description, all my duties and responsibilities.

Employee:……………………………………         Signed: …………………………… Date: ………..

Department Head:………………………………Signed: …………………………… Date: …………

Personnel Manager:…………………………… Signed: …………………………… Date: …………

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