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7.04 F&B Induction Manual, 18 pages

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This handbook is the ”bible” for every new F&B team member coming on board.
Departmental goal, the basics, guidelines, staff manners & attitude, F&B concept,
Environmental issues, No No’s and operating language are the content of this manual.


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Food and Beverage Induction


F&B Handbook

Dear colleague,

On behalf of our entire F&B team I would like to welcome you as our latest new team member. We are proud to have you on our team and we hope you will have a great time here at the ………. & Spa at …..

Over the last couple of weeks, our team has been expanding rapidly, and all hosts will have a chance to get to know each other in a new environment. As this resort is build entirely new, most of the set-up is new and might not be ready at this stage, but we ask for your help in completing all works so our job will be easier and more fun.

The ………….. Food and Beverage Team is one of the largest operations within the resort and therefore we need to keep the communication flowing and most important of all, we have to be a strong, confident and fun team.

This induction booklet gives you a brief overview on our department and can hopefully be of help to you if you need to know anything. Of course, the door of my office is always open to anyone, so should you wish to visit me for a chat, a question, concern or recommendation please does so at any time.

As our department will evolve with the times ahead and once we learn more from our guests, some of the standards or best practices might change. To be sure you have got the latest set of documents, please check with your supervisor if there is an update available.

Once again, we wish you a great future with us and looking forward to a happy, healthy and long-lasting team work!!!!!

Food and Beverage Director

Wednesday, March 18, 2019


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1. Departmental goal                                                    page 2

2. The base of…………….F&B staff                             page 4-5

3. What is the ………. In terms of F&B operation   page 5

4. Qualifications of our F&B team                            page 6-8

5. Departmental guidelines                                        page 9-12

6. F&B staff manners and attitude                           page 13-14

7. …….. F&B concept                                                     page 14

8. Environnemental issues                                          page 15

9. ……..No No’s                                                               page 16

10. Operating language                                               page 17


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1. Departmental Goal
It is our aim to exceed our guests dining experiences by far through providing excellent and pro-active service, creative and great food, unique design, small touches and offering customized dining experiences.

We stay ahead of our competition and will set the trend for dining not only here in Phuket, but also in Thailand.

We aim for international recognition of our services and will do our outmost best to compete with the best of the best, worldwide.

Our target for points from the guest questionnaire for service is 95% and cuisine 92%. Our food cost target is 32%

2. The Base Of A ………………………F&B Team Member
……….. is well known for their unique food and beverage experiences. We do not offer guests dining, we offer guests an experience. Each experience is carefully designed so they are unique and that we always exceeds the guest’s expectations.
To do this we need a great team, people that love their profession and have a passion and respect for the service industry, be it in the kitchen, restaurants or in the host restaurant. We serve people, 24 hours a day. All our guests are guests, even if they are internal.
As we are all humans and therefore can make mistakes, we should still put extra efforts in to minimize the risks as much as possible as our department is very visible, meaning guests can see our mistakes easily and it is often difficult to recover.
We have therefore designed a special customized training plan for every hosts so you can learn on how to deal with guests in a professional manner. However, there are a few fundamental guidelines required to work in the food and beverage industry. Below a few of them;

The Profession
When choosing the restaurant profession, a young individual will find it an easy and interesting profession, which could create the possibility of earning good money. It is a very nice profession indeed, but first, you must be aware all the challenges that this profession offers Continuous contact with people from different countries and with different cultural and religious backgrounds can make it sometimes very hard. Long hours, lots of energy required can sometimes cause moments of frustration. However, after a few months of practice, you will see, although steps of success will be long, difficult and need 100% commitment, with the right attitude you can make it. Nothing is better then finishing a day with the feeling you have made other people happy. This feeling should make you happy as well. And on top of that, you get paid to make people and yourself happy. What a great profession


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