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7.09 Policies & Procedures, Restaurant, 98 pages

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An extensive agenda of 68 topics of P&P needed for the daily F&B operation. Laid out In an internationally used form and word format. Easily to be altered, issues to be added And completed


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Policy & Procedure – Food & Beverage / Restaurant



FB 01 Restaurant – The 50 Service Basics
FB 02 Breakage & Loss Control
FB 03 Children’s Privileges
FB 04 F&B Meeting And Briefings
FB 05 Finishing Off Banquet Event
FB 06 Food Safety Management System
FB 07 Garbage Sorting
FB 08 Guest Relations
FB 09 Cashier Cash Amount
FB 11 Guests Find Undesirable Objects In Food
FB 12 Guest’s Special Food Request
FB 13 Handling Intoxicated Guests
FB 14 Handling Service Accidents
FB 15 Handling Special Requests
FB 16 Hygiene Control
FB 17 Log Book
FB 18 Pets
FB 19 Quality Control
FB 20 Spoiled Wine
FB 21 Staff Beverage Spoilage
FB 22 Staff Complaints
FB 23 Staff Personal Call
FB 24 Teamwork
FB 25 Wet Weather
FB 26 Wine By The Glass
FB 27 Bar Music
FB 28 Bar Music Set-up
FB 29 Notice Boards
FB 30 Notice Boards
FB 31 Guest Names
FB 32 Cold & Hot Towels
FB 33 Hot Milk Options
FB 34 Survival Kit
FB 35 Torches & Candles
FB 36 Thin Red Line – Don’t Interrupt
FB 37 Thin Red Line – Anticipate Guests Mood
FB 38 Thin Red Line – Conversations
FB 39 Welcoming And Greeting A Guest
FB 40 Reading Glasses
FB 41 Pasta Bib
FB 42 Children’s Glasses
FB 43 Guest History
FB 44 Cruet Set Warmer
FB 45 Lady’s Handbag Side Table
FB 46 Set-up Of Service Station
FB 47 Pantry Set-up

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FB 48 Service Sequence Breakfast
FB 49 Service Sequence Lunch
FB 50 Opening Morning Shift Check List
FB 51 Check Host Attendance
FB 52 Check Host Attendance – Grooming
FB 53 Check Outlet Presentation
FB 54 Check Mice en Place
FB 55 Check Table Set-up
FB 56 Check Buffet Set-up
FB 57 Menu Boards Beverage Lists
FB 58 Check Service Stations
FB 59 Check Reports
FB 60 Conduct Morning Brief
FB 61 Check Cashier
FB 62 Check In Villa Dining, Kitchen & Gardeners
FB 63 Report Verbally
FB 64 Report In Writing
FB 65 Maintenance Issues
FB 66 Notice Boards
FB 67 Orientation & Induction Check List
FB 68 Pool Service

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Department: F&B – Restaurant                Ref: FB 01                                        Page: 1/2

Subject: F&B Basics                                    Date: 01 Mar 2004                          Date revised:

Prepared by:                                                  Approved by:                                    Approved by:

                                                                          Resident Manager                          General Manager

Distribution: Service Division                  Issued:

To remember basic F&B service rules



When ashtrays have more than 2 butts in them.
When salads are at room temperature.
When water glasses are not automatically refilled.
When hotel food and beverage is served on cold plates or in old cups.
When hot food is not hot and when cold food is not cold.
When the R/S phone rings more than 5 times before being answered.
When a guest gets put on hold for more than 30 seconds.
When dishes or glasses are chipped.
When silver on tables is spotted or tarnished.
When glasses are streaked. ( Hold them up to the light and you will see).
When menus or placemats are ripped, stained or smudged.
When bread or rolls are stale around the edges.
When there are not enough menus for the customers.
When condiment bottles are not full and are coated at the neck.
When guests wait for 3 minutes without having a drink order taken.
When food sits in the window waiting to be picked up. (FOOD = CHEF)
When we run out of china, silver or glass.
When silver is set crooked on tables.
When the tabletop is not picture perfect.
When sugar bowls are dirty inside. ( take the sugar cubes out and look inside )
When salt and peppers shakers are greasy to touch or half empty.
when we run out of any item in any bar or restaurant at any time.
When service personnel have the “I’m doing you a favor” attitude.
When banquets or coffee breaks start late.
When soft drinks come out of the system “flat”
When debris, bits of paper and food is not IMMEDIATELY picked up from the carpets or floors in restaurants and bars.
When R/S trays and tables stay on guest floors more than 3 hours.
When restaurants and bars open late or close early. ( Regular hours are printed and posted all through the hotel and guest rooms ).

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When a guest pays top dollar for quality food and beverage and does not get it.
When a guest orders the DESCRIPTION on the menu and gets something else.
When a guest pays top dollar for sleeping rooms and can’t get a quick, hot, courteous breakfast the following morning.
When a guest travels all evening to get to the hotel and then can’t get a quick 1st class sandwich or a couple eggs (HOT AND FRESH).
When guests don’t get seated ; see empty tables and don’t get P.R. or “Strokes” while they stand in line.
When chairs and booths are dirty, stained or have crumbs on them
When guests who come for breakfast don’t get coffee immediately on being seated.
When R/S says 20 minutes and it takes 30 minutes to get the order.
When coffee is not steaming. (CHECK BANQUETS )
When fruit garnish in bars or R/S is dried out.
When buffet tables or salad bars are not replenished quickly.
When orders arrive and they are incomplete, or service people ask “who gets what ?”
When coffee cups are stained. (Check inside of cups.)
When bud vase water is murky of flowers wilted.
When table or meeting room linens have small boles, rips or burns.
When tables and chairs are wobbly.
When greasy, dirty tags are used to wipe down tables.
When guests do not get recognized by a smile, a hello or eye to eye contact when they hit the door of any restaurant.
When guests do not think you have tried your very best to please them even if everything was not perfect.
When guests are on a tight morning schedule and can’t get in and out of the C/S in 25 minutes.
When a guest gets their food check and it is sloppy, wet or stained.
When guests are drinking and have nothing to nibble on.


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