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7.02 Service Sequence, 21 pages

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This extensive restaurant manual divides the ever important service sequence
into 20 sections. In its detailed step-by-step procedures the international table / restaurant
service is explained in its basic form and is an excellent and additional training tool
for every F&B department.


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Food & Beverage Manual

Service sequence in the restaurant


  1. First impression
  2. Greeting and welcoming the guest to the table
  3. Leading the guest to the table and seating the guest
  4. Serve water and cold or hot towel
  5. Present drink list and suggest beverage special or wine by the glass
  6. Take drink order
  7. Present menu recommend and take order for food and wine by the bottle
  8. Serve drink or wine by the glass
  9. Open and serve a bottle of red wine
  10. Serve bread and butter / dip selection ( for western food only )
  11. Serve starter, wish to enjoy their meal, check ashtray, bread basket & drink
  12. Serving and clearing main course, placing toothpicks
  13. How to crumb down table
  14. Taking coffee and tea order, suggesting liqueur
  15. Adjusting covers
  16. Follow-up and observation
  17. Up-selling technique
  18. Billing and payment
  19. Complaint handling
  20. Farewell and departure
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1. First impression



1. Observe guests reaction to both music and light and adjust as required.  
2. The restaurant team will do their utmost to ensure that everything feels, scents, tastes and is aesthetically pleasing at all times.  
3. There is always a hostess, restaurant manger or member of the staff at the entrance of the restaurant.  
4. The reservation desk is well organized.  
5. The uniform is neat, clean, well pressed, without stains or tears.  
6. The entrance and surroundings are clean and tidy.  
7.  All staff are aware of the operational, opening and closing hours.  
8.  The restaurant is clean, i. e. floors and walls.  
9. Windows are free of marks and finger prints.  
10. Furniture is in good condition.  
11. Plants and flowers are well maintained, fresh without dusty or dead Leaves  
12. A selection of daily local & international newspapers are on display.  
13. Air condition and fans are on appropriate temperature level.  



Task no: 1                                                                      FIRST IMPRESSION


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2. Greeting and welcoming the guest to the table



1. Welcome the guest at the restaurant, smile and wai. “Good morning, sir/madam (name) Did you sleep well  ( breakfast)

Are you having a good day, sir/madam (lunch)

Did you have a good day, sir/madam ( dinner) “


2. Ask for reservation and details ( take for dinner reservation only ) “ Do you have a reservation, sir/madam ? How many people in your party?

  Would you prefer to sit on the terrace or inside?

  Would you like a table in the smoking or non-smoking area? “


3. Lead the guest to the table & make some small gestures at the same time. “ Follow me please, sir/madam. What are your plans for today?

  Did you have a nice excursion to …… etc? “


4. Offer the menu to the guest. “ This is the breakfast menu sir/madam, or would you like to take from the  buffet. “


5. Ask the guest for coffee or tea. “ Excuse me sir/madam, would you like to have coffee or tea? “


6. Wish the guest a nice meal. “ Enjoy your breakfast, sir/madam !

“ Enjoy your lunch/dinner sir/madam !”


7. In case the guest is from outside, a long bill has to be made and the  cashier to be informed.  



Task no. 2                                                                    Welcoming the guest


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