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7.05 F&B Policy Handbook, 20 pages

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A fundamental Policy & Procedure manual which touches issues as: cost control, operation
Report, POS system, market list, par stock, inventory, daily F&B report, production
Market survey, stock control, etc


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Food & Beverage




Food & Beverage 21 November 2005
No. : FB01



To ensure that guests continue to receive Food & Beverage service in the Food & Beverage outlets for as long as permitted by local and legal regulations.


It is ………policy that all Food & Beverage outlets remain open in accordance to their published hours of operation or in accordance to local and legal regulations (whichever is later).


1. All Food & Beverage outlets are to remain “open” in accordance to their published hours of operation.

2. If a guest should be patronizing an outlet; then the outlet should remain open beyond the hours of operation if local and legal regulations permit.

3. Employees must attend to the guests and a flexible and courteous attitude must be presented when taking last orders for the bar or kitchen.

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Food & Beverage 21 November 2005
No. : FB02



To ensure that the operating results of the Food & Beverage Operations in all ….. properties are reviewed and documented.


It is …… policy that a Food & Beverage Operations Report is completed on a monthly basis.


1. It is the responsibility of the F&B Manager to prepare and complete a Food & Beverage Operations Report (sample format attached) on a monthly basis.

2. The Food & Beverage Operations Report (FBOR) should be completed within the first five days of the new month for the month past.

3. A copy of the FBOR should be forwarded to the General Manager and Controller for their review and comments.

4. The General Manager will arrange for a copy of the FBOR to be forwarded to GHM no later than the 15th of each month.

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Food & Beverage 24 November 2005
No. : FB03



To clarify the responsibility for the Food & Beverage Cost and to ensure effective and accurate F&B Cost control.


It is GHM policy that the Food & Beverage (F&B) Manager and the Executive Chef are jointly responsible for the Food & Beverage Cost. Generally the F&B Manager manages the Beverage Cost while the Executive Chef manages the Food Cost and the Employee Meal Cost.

It is ….. policy that only the finest quality food and beverage products / ingredients are used in our properties.

It is …… policy that the menu prices always reflect the quality of the food and beverage product, represent fair “value for money” to the consumer and ensure a profit for the property. Food and beverage products that become too expensive to sell should be taken off of the menu rather than to substitute the product (compromise the quality) or reduce the portion (compromise the quantity).

It is …… policy that the General Manager approves all menus and menu prices.

It is …. policy that the General Manager approves all Rebates, Officer / House Checks and Entertainment Checks.

It is ….. policy that the Financial Controller and the Cost Controller are responsible for maintaining accurate and detailed records of food and beverage cost.

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