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2.02 Policies & Procedures – Front Office, 99 pages

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A basic agenda of P&P’s needed for the front office operation. Set in a commonly used international form and word format, easily to be altered, issues to be added and


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Policies and Procedures 


Room Division




 FO 01  Cash Paid Out

               FO 02  Credit Cards

               FO 03  Cashier Shortage And Over Charge

               FO 04  Tipping Policy

               FO 05  Lost & Found

               FO 06  Loss & Damage

               FO 07  Robbery

               FO 08  Theft Procedure

               FO 09  Lost And Found

               FO 10  Unclaimed Deposit Refund

               FO 11  Room Master

               FO 12  Room Search

               FO 13  Rebate

               FO 14  Remittance Procedures

               FO 15  Disease

               FO 16  Medical Emergency

               FO 17  Medicine

               FO 18  Medical Assistance

               FO 19  Guest Injury

               FO 20  Emergency Procedure

               FO 21  Emergency Procedure Accidents

               FO 22  Fire Extinguishers

               FO 23  Back Of House Emergency House

               FO 24  Tragedy Death

               FO 25  Slept Out Room

               FO 26  Room Found Vacant

               FO 27  House Use Rooms

               FO 28  Do Not Disturb Room

               FO 29  Guest Master Key Car Holders

               FO 30  Hotel Skippers

               FO 31  Access Public

               FO 32  Damage By Guest

               FO 33  Telephone & Fax Management

               FO 34  Phone Use

               FO 35  Sales Phone

               FO 36  Walkie Talkie

               FO 37  Resort Vehicle Ownership

               FO 38  Vehicles

               FO 39  Front Office Club Cars

               FO 40  Driver Allowance

               FO 41  Driver Outside

               FO 42  Control Vehicles



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               FO 43  Host Transportation

               FO 44  Host Transportation 2

               FO 45  Resort Transportation

               FO 46  Mail Central

               FO 47  On Line Newspaper

               FO 48  Manager Log Book

               FO 49  Daily Log Book

               FO 50  Inspection Form

               FO 51  Procedures Of Packages

               FO 52  Save Opening

               FO 53  Garbage Sorting Staff Area

               FO 54  Gardeners

               FO 55  Resort Fogging

               FO 56  Lift Malfunction

               FO 57  New Staff Housing Set-up

               FO 58  Property Damage

               FO 59  Wet Weather Policy

               FO 60  Complimentary Accommodation

               FO 61  Control Of Obstructions

               FO 62  Front Office Basics

               FO 63  Hydrochloric Acid

               FO 64  Telephone Techniques

               FO 65  Respect For Guests & Staff

               FO 66  Caring For Guests

               FO 67  Professionalism

               FO 68  Grooming

               FO 69  Anticipating Needs

               FO 70  VIP Guests

               FO 71  Royal Club Floor

               FO 72  Royal Club Lounge

               FO 73  Handling Complaints

               FO 74  Empowerment

               FO 75  Damage, Loss Of Property

               FO 76  Accident & Injury



Page 2


Department:  Front Office


Ref:    FO 01 Page: 1/2
Subject:          Cash Paid Out


Date:  01 Mar 2004 Date revised:



Prepared by:


Approved by:


Resident Manager

Approved by:


General Manager

Distribution:   All  Department Heads   Issued:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 



To establish guidelines for the captioned subject and to keep Paid Out to a minimum, and to ensure that Paid Out transactions are properly validated and authorized



Paid Outs at Front Desk is classified as follows:


a Miscellaneous Paid Out – Paid out in the form of cash advance for guest services – purchase of flowers, guest transport, air ticket and goods at hotel’s shop arcade etc.

A Refund of guest’s deposits.

  1. Paid Outs shall be in local currency only.


2. The Paid Out Voucher must be handled and approved in the following manner:


3. Miscellaneous Paid Out.


4. Approval by Duty Manager for amount not exceeding $ 100.


5. Approval by Front Office Manager or Asst. Front Office Manager for amount above $ 100 up to maximum of $ 500.


  1. Approval by General Manager, Executive Assistant Manager or Financial Controller for amount exceeding $ 500
  2. A 5% handling fee will be charged to guest’s account for the Paid Out made.
  3. Refund of balance Guest Deposit


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  1. A refund of a guest’s balance deposit must be accompanied by the original copy of Cash Receipt issued to the guest when he checks in.


  1. If a guest misplaces the Cash Receipt, this should be indicated on the Paid Out Voucher. Guest must sign on both Paid Out Voucher and Guest Folio. The signature on the Voucher/Folio must be matched with the signature on the Guest Registration Card.


  1. Approval from Duty Manager, Asst. Front Office Manager or Front Office Manager must be obtained for refund exceeding RMB1, 000 and when a guest has lost the Cash Receipt.


  1. Upon receiving request for Paid Out, the Front Office Agent will print out Paid Out Voucher in Opera system or raise a multi-function voucher in duplicate if the system down. The following must be recorded.


  • Guest Name
  • Room Number
  • Date
  • Description/purpose of Paid Out transactions
  • Amount
  • The Front Office Agent’s signature
  • The authorizing signature
  • The guest’s signature


  1. Paid Out Voucher must be approved by authorized personnel before cash is paid.


  1. All Paid Out Vouchers must be used in numerical sequence. Cancelled vouchers must be returned to the Accounts Department (Night Audit). The employee will be charged $ 2 for each missing Paid Out Voucher.



Applicable Departments             Front Office /Finance



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