creating global hospitality synergy

Ways of recruitment and how to retain the vast majority of employees.

  • An orientation program that not only reviews the “hotel rules”, but also stresses its “spirit of hospitality”
  • Constant and ever-changing training of all departments
  • Free transportation to and from the hotel
  • Live-in arrangements for team- members living further away than 5 miles
  • Fun events for all departments and for all level f employees ( annual staff party, sports events, volleyball teams )
  • Excellent benefits and a wide range of programs for employees
  1. Set, maintain and follow specific job descriptions and tailor to the individual Property.
  2. Establish an orientation program that is consistently followed and does much Than merely explain the mechanics of being a hotel employee. Explain the company’s Goals, philosophy and culture to all new employees.
  3. Keep everyone informed about what’s happening, during both good and bad times. Clearly and quickly communicate decisions that effect anyone’s job.
  4. Make sure everyone knows, what is expected from him/her and for what he/she is accountable. People tend to stay around longer when they know exactly where they they stand.
  5. Base rewards solely on results and not on any subjective data.
  6. Set hotel standards at a very high level, even though the 100 % are not always reached, but the set expectations are covered.
  7. Enable your employees to do their best, by giving them as much authority as possible. The notion of empowering people is one of the best tools to motivate people.
  8. Establish a quality assurance program, no matter how small or big the operation, its not a gimmick – it is a way to encourage employees to share their expertise and express feelings in a productive way.
  9. Develop and maintain training programs from general orientation meetings to focused skills-development seminars. Use area colleges, hotel associations, franchise-sponsored workshops and industry-approved seminars to expand your workers potential and knowledge.
  10. Create an atmosphere of trust and sharing. Create a business “family” to which people will feel they belong and of which they will want to remain a part.
  11. The most effective way to reduce staff turnover is to meet the needs of your team members.

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