creating global hospitality synergy

Over the many years of working in the global luxury hospitality industry, I have found the following basic rules as imminent for a successful hotel management operations:

1. Respect your follower

Forget about job titles and pay differences and recognize the basic equality of all people. Respect is built on a mutual understanding that you and your employees. All have a stake in the organization’s future and success.

2.Watch how you say it

Cultivate a calm and considered approach. Voice tone is critical. Also, timing can be crucial: your words will be interpreted according to the context. How, when and where you say something can actually be more imported than the message itself.

3. Do what you say you’re going to do

Be short on promises and long on fulfilment. Your credibility is at stake. Unfortunately. Many managers say one thing and do another. Use your position to built credibility among your employees and to increase their faith and hope in the organization.

4. Communicate openly

The best way for you to built trust is to communicate openly with your employees. Let people know what’s going on! Make announcements in meetings, send faxes & e-mails, use bulletin boards, or publish a newsletter.

Just be open and consistent, sharing information as it becomes available and inviting questions and comments from your employees.

5. Listen and don’t argue

Listening speaks louder than words in conveying respect and trust. It says you care. Listening doesn’t mean necessarily agreeing. Agree to disagree, if you must.

And when you disagree, do so without being disagreeable: maintain your respect for one another. If you don’t understand or agree with someone, ask more questions. Find out where the other person is coming from. Be patient and considerate.

6. Avoid the zingers

Zingers, digs, or putdowns generally aren’t funny. In fact they may just reveal insecurity and a lack of caring on your part. Be sensitive about your employees feelings.

7. Point out the positive

Notice the good things about people and talk about them. That rewards their efforts. And encourages them to try even harder.

8. Appreciate what others have to say

Show people that you value their perspectives – especially if they differ from yours. View a conversation not as a chance to express your views, but as an opportunity to find out how others think and feel. If you focus on asking rather than on telling, you will be amazed at what you learn.

9. Acknowledge that trust is a mutual exchange

Don’t except others to trust you more than you trust them. If you treat people as if you are unsure of their trustworthiness – if you don’t let them take on more responsibility, make decisions, or use authority – then how can you expect them to trust you in return? Trust flows both ways and not necessarily better uphill. Remember the golden rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

10. Gradually increase trust

Trusting your employees doesn’t happen overnight. Your trust in people builds over time and on the basis of their behaviours. Employees will gradually earn your trust

When they do as they promise and follow up on their commitments. The more their behaviour reassures you, the more you begin to trust them. You earn the of the employees the same way.

11. Be truthful with yourself

Do you believe in what you are conveying to others? Are you true to yourself, leading by example and doing the right thing in accordance with your values? You can’t be a good manager if you acting in ways that are inconsistent with who you are. In fact you’ll only be a poor model for your employees, inspiring them to wear masks of their own.

12. Show your human side

Share your mistakes, your hopes and your dreams, be down to earth and straightforward with people. Don’t hide your mistakes or try to find excuses. Employees will respect and appreciate your honesty and humanity.

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