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Why we have standards

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Free E-journal


Free E-journal

Why we have standards


Standards & Our Guests


Standards are made and set up to establish a rule or model for the measure of quality or model for the measure of quality and value.


Why we have standards:


  • Consistency
  • Quality control
  • Management tool
  • Training tool
  • Describes the service philosophy and values of the hotel
  • The vision is communicated to guests and employees
  • Considers guest expectations
  • To ensure that the customer comes first

Why :                                                  To ensure guest satisfaction


Who is ensuring your salary?      The Guest



Dissatisfied Guests:


  • For every 100 customers who complain, 26 others are silent. We hear from only 1 out of 27.


  • Of those who have cause to complain, 91% will never return if nothing is done to resolve the problem.


  • Each customer who has a complaint, will tell 8-16 other people.


  • 82 – 95% of the customers who have a complaint will return if something is done immediately to resolve it.


  • It costs 5 times more to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one.



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