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Professional kitchen expressions  French / English



–   Abattis                     Trimmings of poultry, intestines, neck, stomach
–   Aiguilettes              Julienne of various meats
–   Aiguiser                    Sharpen
–   Anouncer                 To call an order
–   Appareil                   Ready made mixture
–   Aromate                  Special flavor, spices, good smelling essence
–   Arroser                    To pour jus, stock on a roast meat
–   Aspic                        Dish with jelly or covered with
–   Assaisonner            Seasoning of dishes
–   Bain marie              Water bath, special casserols
–   Barder                      To cover roasts of poultry or game with bacon, fat back
–   Baron                       Whole backside and legs of lamb roast in one piece
–   Barquettes              Oval small mould or pastry for filling
–   Beurre manie          Mixture of flour and butter
–   Beurrer                    To spread with butter
–   Biscotte                   Zwieback, special baked crisp toast for diet
–   Blanchir                   Short blanching of vegetables and meat
–   Blinis                         Small pancakes out of buckwheat
–   Braisir                      To braise meat in stock or sauce
–   Bridir                        To tighten poultry, meat or game with a string
–   Brunoise                  Small diced vegetable or meat
–   Camele’                    Decorated, like a noisle
–   Canapes’                  Small toasts, various shapes with different garnish
–   Caramel                   Melted sugar filled up with water
–   Carcasse                   Bone structure of poultry
–   Cassolette                Small  porcelain/china pot
–   Cassonade                Icing sugar
–   Chapelure                Breadcrumbs
–   Chaud-froider         To cover cold fish or meat with aspic sauce
–   Chemiser                 To fill out a form with aspic or spread an ice bomb
–   Chiffonade               Fine julienne of lettuce or sorrel
–   Chinois                     Triangle shaped fine sieve
–   Ciseler                      To make small cuts, with fish or meat to speed up roasting
–   Clarifier                   To clarify a liquid, stock, soup, aspic
–   Cocotte                    Pot style china ware
–   Coller                       To stick or glue a structure with special mixtures  flower, gelatine
–   Colorer                    To colour, mix with colours
–   Concasser                To dice tomatoes
–   Coquille                   Snail or mussel shell
–   Corail                       Red mixture in blanched lobster
–   Corser                      To reduce a liquid through reduction
–   Coulis                       To thicken liquid mousse through reduction without flower
–   Couper                     To cut
–   Court bouillon         Garnished fish stock
–   Crepinette                Net sausage
–   Croquant                  Crispy
–   Croustade                Crispy baked pastries of short – or puff pastry
–   Croustadine             Baked puff pastry made of leftovers of puff pastry
–   Croutons                  Toasts in various shapes
–   Darioles                   Small timbals or forms for tartlette
–   Darne                        Middle section of big fishes
–   Dauphine                 Potato mixture with choux paste
–   Decanter                  To separate a liquid or wine of wine crystals, etc
–   Decorer                    To decorate a dish , show piece
–   Decortiquer              To remove skin or shell, lobster
–   Deglacer                  To deglace, soften fond, stock and roasted particles with liquid
–   Degorger                 To clean, rinse parts of fish,brain,sweet bread under running water
–   Degraisser                To remove fat from stocks and sauces
–   Demouler                 To remove from a mould, terrine etc
–   Deplumer                 To remove feathers from poultry and fowl
–   Desosser                  Debone poultry, game, fish and meat
–   Dessecher                To lay dry
–   Dresser                    To arrange dishes, with mousse, mashed potatoes
–   Duchesse                 Potato mixture with egg yolk
–   Egoutter                   To strain and remove water
–   Emincer                   To cut in fine slices
–   Entrée                      Cold or hot appetizer, or main course
–   Entremets                Sweet dishes, dessert
–   Escaloper                 To cut in equal thin slices
–   Escalopes                 Thin sliced meat pieces
–   Espagnole                Brown basic sauce, old name
–   Etamine                   Cloth for straining stocks, soups and sauces
–   Faisande                  Name for haut gout for game and fowl
–   Farcir                       To dust with flour
–   Ficeler                      To dress meat meat with string for roasting
–   Fileter                      To filet fish or meat
–   Flamber                   To flambee, pour over alcohol and inflame, to remove feathers
–   Flanquer                  To arrange and garnish with decoration
–   Fleurons                  Pieces of puff pastry
–   Fond                         Basic stock for soups and sauces
–   Foucer                     To fill out baking dish with dough or frying pan with vegetable
–   Fouetter                  To work with whisk, beat and whip
–   Fourrer                    To fill a dish or container
–   Frapper                    To put food or beverage on ice or salt
–   Frire                          To fry in the hot fat, deep-fryer
–   Friture                      The container filled with hot fat, deep-fryer
–   Frivolites                  Hors d’oeuvre, of cremes, barquettes, tartlettes etc
–   Frotter                      To dry with a cloth
–   Fruits de mer           All kind of crustacean and shell fish
–   Fumer                        Smoking
–   Fumet                        Essence, reduced stocks or sauces
–   Galantine                  Galantine, stuffed poultry with farce
–   Galettes                    Small pancake, small cakes, cookies
–   Garnir                        To decorate a plate or dish
–   Garniture                  Side dish, decoration, garnish of sauces and soups
–   Genoise                     Biscuit, sponge
–   Glace de viande      Reduced stock, consomme, meat essence, sauce
–   Glacer                       To cover a dessert with fondant, glaze vegetable or meat
–   Gratiner                    Gratinate, arrange crust on meat, fish or vegetable
–   Grenadines               Small, thick escalopes inserted with bacon and glaced
–   Gril                              To grill
–   Grosse piece            Main course, main dish
–   Hateletes                  Small skewer for grilling
–   Hors d’oeuvre         Cold or warm appetizer
–   Infusion                    Pouring liquid over ingredients to enhance aroma, tea, coffee
–   Jus                             Meat juice, juice of roast meat
–   Konfectomat          Rational oven with steam, induction heat or combined
–   Larder                       To fill or garnish meat or fish with bacon or back fat
–   Lier                            To refine a soup or sauce with a liason, cream & egg yolk
–   Macedoine               Mixture of vegetables or fruits cut in medium brunoise
–   Macerer                    Marinate vegetable, fish or meat
–   Mageoires                Fins
–   Marinade                  The liquid for marinating
–   Marquer                    To set something ready for cooking or set in frying pan
–   Masquer                   To coat, décor, cover with sauce
–   Matelote                   Sailor’s dish of fish & meat with red wine
–   Meler                         To dust with flour, mix, mix together
–   Mignonettes            Small, small diced potatoes
–   Mijoter                     To steam, vapeur, poach
–   Mirepoix                  Roast vegetables, garnish for soups, sauces and roast meats
–   Montier                    To refine a sauce or soup, or beat egg white to snow
–   Mouiller                   To pour liquid, make something wet, marinate
–   Mousseline              Fine cloth for straining sauces, soups,    
–   Napper                     To cover equally with aspic or sauce
–   Paner                        Cover food with mie de pain or breadcrumbs
–   Papilotte                  Paper or alu foil for wrapping
–   Parer                         To cut into the right size, meat, vegetables or fish
–   Parfumer                  To refine a dish with a fine aroma
–   Parures                     Trimmings from meat or fish
–   Passer                       To strain through a sieve or cloth
–   Paupiettes                Rolls filled with various ingredients
–  Amuse guelle            Small, tiny appetizer, cold or warm        
–  Pate                             English pie, in various shapes
–  Piler                            To pound, mince or crash hard ingredients
–  Piquer                        To fill meat or poultry with bacon, tongue or truffles
–  Pocher                       To poach ingredients to the point
–  Pointe                        A dash, a little bit, peak, pointed
–  Praline                       Mixture coated with chocolate or nougat
–  Preparer                    To prepare
–  Printaniere                Spring vegetables, special cur of vegetable
–  Profiteroles               Small beignets from choux pastry
–  Pulpe                           Fruit puree, thick fruit mixture or sauce
–  Puree                          Mousse, fine mixture, blended ingredients
–  Quartiers                   Cuts or quarters of vegetables and fruits
–  Quenelles                  Dumplings poached or deep-fried in various shapes
–  Quiche                       Bacon or ham tarte or tartelette
–  Rechauffer               To reheat food or dishes
–  Reduire                     To reduce liquid through boiling
–  Releve                       Main course
–  Relever                     To improve the taste with seasoning, to enhance the flavor
–  Remouillage            Boil up the bones a second time, second stock
–  Revenir                     To slightly saute or roast in butter or fat
–  Rissoler                     To saute or roast in fresh butter or fat golden brown, pommes
–  Roux                          Mixture of butter and flower
–  Royale                       Mixture of eggs and milk/cream, raw or poached
–  Saignant                   Bloody rare
–  Saisir                         To pour in hot fat
–  Salpicon                    Small diced vegetables, meat, fruits for filling
–  Sangler                     To wrap something with ice & salt to freeze
–  Saucer                       To pour sauce on top or on the side
–  Saumare                   Marinate with salt, salpeter and spices for meat and fish
–  Saupoudrer              To dust something with salt, flour or sugar
–  Sauter                        Saute meat, fish or vegetables
–  Sauteuse, Sautoir   Flat casserole or frying pan
–  Sorbetiere                 Machine for freezing ingredients, ice cream, sorbets
–  Souffler                     To blow up, souffle dessert, potatoes
–  Supreme                    Chicken veloute with liason and butter, breast of poultry
–  Tamiser                      To sieve ingredients, flour, breadcrumbs
–  Tampon                      Base of bread, rice, fat
–  Tartelette                  Small pastry
–  Tomater                    To mix with tomato mousse
–  Tourne’                      Split milk, mayonnaise or hollandaise
–  Trancher                   To cut into tranches, long slices
–  Travailler                  To finish off, on fire, choux paste
–  Tremper                    To dip in
–  Troncons                  Pieces of small fishes or tail of big fishes
–  Trousser                   To dress poultry, game, meat or fish
–  Vapeur                      To steam ingredients
–  Verjus                       Juice of unripe grapes
–  Vesiga                      Back nerve of the sturgeon
–  Zeste                       The yellow of oranges

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