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Typical Meeting Structures

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Typical Meeting Structures


Typical Meeting Structures – Major Hotel



Meeting                      Attendance                      Frequency                Purpose                                     Length


Operations               GM, Dept Heads,               1-5 times                  Review daily                              3 0-45 min

FO, Manager on Duty         per week,                 upcoming &

HK, Security, EC                  daily                          previous day’s results



Staff                         GM, Dept Heads,                Weekly                    Review last week’s                       1-2 hours

All Sub Dept Managers     Monthly                   this week’s activities

Reporting to Dept Head                                     & special projects

Present performance



Executive                 GM, Dept Heads             1-4 times                   Performance review                      1-2 hours

Committee                                                        per month                policy, strategy



Sales Forecast          GM, Resident Manager     1-4 times             Review room demand                    1-2 hours

& Marketing              Front Office, Sales             per month          for upcoming 90 days

Reservations                                                   devise strategies to

Increase room nights

Average rates or both


Department              GM as needed, Dept          1-2 times             Review departmental                      1 hour

Heads and all Sub Dept                                  per month   issues

Heads, managers &



Sub Department       Department Head as           Monthly             Sub department                               1 hour

Needed, sub department                                   department issues

Head, all members

Management & staff


Credit                       GM, controller,                       Monthly             Review accounts                               1 hour

Sales, front office                                               receivable

Reservations, catering

& credit manager


Safety                       Personnel, F&B                     Monthly           Review safety                                      1 hour

Housekeeping                                                  program & safety

& Engineering                                                  record



Energy                     Chief Engineer                       Monthly           Control of energy                               1 hour

Conservation           Resident Manager                                          costs


Supervisory             All management                  Bi-annually       Review hotel                                      1 hour

Staff                         and supervisory                                              performance

Meeting                   personnel                                                        present awards,

start new programs

Annual                     All hotel                                Annually           Year-end review                                  1 hour

Meeting                   management                                                  of performance

And employees                                               & awards


Employee                 GM and                                 Monthly            Informal communication                 1 hour

Meeting                   selected employees                                       and discussion

From throughout

The hotel


Supervisor/              GM and                                Monthly             Informal communication                  1 hour

Junior Manager       selected first-line                                           and discussion

Supervisors &

Junior Managers




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