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7.06 F&B Service Handbook, 41 pages

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Lined out in 41 pages this F&B guidelines are good training tool for all apprentices
And trainees. Topics as: service sequence in a nutshell, handling a complaint,
telephone etiquette and The Pantry are covered.


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 F&B Service Guide Book


For all new hosts joining our team.



1   Ultimate Service Sequence in a nutshell           Page 1

Breakfast                                                                      Page 2

Lunch                                                                           Page 5

Dinner                                                                          Page 9

2        Taking the order                                               Page 18

3        Service of drinks                                               Page 22

4        Service of food                                                 Page 24

5        Clearing the table                                            Page 26

6        Finishing off the meal                                     Page 27

7        Handling of a complaint                                 Page 28

8        Telephone etiquette                                        Page 30

9        The Pantry                                                         Page 31



The Pantry Handbook                                                Page 34



Appendix on SOP’s                                                     Page 41

(taken from the service manual section 2-R3)



F&B Handbook (R2)                                                   Page 41

Page 1




  1. Ultimate Service Sequence in a nutshell

In this chapter we will give a short summery of the service sequence for each meal period. Please read the SOP’s and general guidelines in the appendix completely so you understand the full standards. The sequence summery is just a guideline to memorize and trouble shoot service.


Task Who
1 Upon guest arrival the HOSTESS welcomes the guest at the entrance of the Restaurant. (Greet with a Wai and “Sawadee Ka”) refer to Restaurant SOP for full details.

Offer guest a smoking or non-smoking table.

2 The hostess escorts the guest to the table of the guests preference Hostess
Try to guide the guests to the most logical table first, or recommend a table for the guests. The hostess should assign each guests to another station to prevent one station getting too many guests at the same time
3 The hostess invites the guest to seat and helps with the chair Ladies first Hostess / buddy host
4 The hostess unfolds the napkin Hostess / buddy host
5 Ideally the buddy host should now be at the table as well and upon first visit to the outlet and meal, the hostess introduces the buddy host to the

guest. If not first visit, the buddy takes over service and greets the guest

with a wai and “Sawadee Ka/Krab… guest names…”

Captain / buddy host
6 Hostess returns to her station
7 Host should offer the breakfast menu to the guests and recommend eggs and breakfast specials of the day Captain / buddy host
8 Serve hot or cold towel, subject to weather conditions Buddy host
9 The host will now offer the coffee and tea menu first and take the order. Also would refer to the a la carte menu  items inclusive of buffet and

when the guests are ready can take the order.

Page 2



Upon 1st visit

Once the host has placed the order, the host returns back to the table and invites the guests to the buffet. The host will introduce the guest to all sections of the buffet and give a explanation of the items available. Ensure all sections are covered. Also introduce the guests personally to the breakfast chef. Leave the guest to choose their buffet items and in the

meantime serve the house water and their order of coffee and tea

Buddy host





Upon return visit

You do not need to show the buffet again, but you would serve the guest water and their order of coffee and tea.


Buddy host

10 When the guests take something from the buffet, our hosts will offer to carry the plate Buddy host
11 If not done so, take order for other breakfast items such as eggs, waffles pancakes etc. When serving eggs, offer peppermill service. Captain / buddy host
Remember to replace the cutlery when necessary, especially when guests are getting new items from the buffet.
12 Refill coffee, tea and ask if they would care for more water. Repeat this.

Assist guests in obtaining food from the buffet, ask if you may pick up something or offer assistance when making toast.


Buddy host
13 Once the guests have finished their breakfast, serve them a hot or cold towel, subject to weather conditions Buddy host
14 Offer tooth picks Buddy host
15 Check if the guests are smoking, if so check that they have an ashtray and replace if dirty Buddy host
16 Place the check discreetly on the guests table, far corner. If the guests care to sign the check then they will. If they do not, then they wont. The host should NOT WAIT BESIDE THE TABLE, instead the host should continue with his or her duties but remaining to keep an eye on the guest. Buddy host
17 When the guest leaves, kindly help them with the chair and escort them to the exit and say goodbye with a wai FB Runner
18 Clear and reset the table Captain / FB Runner


Remember !

  • Kids First, Ladies 2nd and guests Host is always served last !
  • Runners are not allowed to serve guests, and never take orders !
  • Remember the 30 second call back, do something at the table after you have served a dish or course.
  • Anticipate guest needs, think about reading glasses, newspapers, wet weather survival kit etc
  • Check your buddy-guest allocation
  • Please read all SOP’s in this manual for complete details of service as the above is only for a quick reference.


Page 3



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