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5.01 Hotel Fire Manual, 77 pages

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This extensive listing is a must-have for management superiors and every Chief Engineer.
These important contents are among others: fire prevention, equipment, procedures, fire alarm, emergency team handling, management control, responsibilities and action plan by division – front & back of the house.



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Hotel Fire Manual


Fire Prevention

Fire alarm plan

Fire Manual Introduction                                                                                           1

Organization of Emergency Team                                                                            2/3

Fire procedures
 General                                                                                                                    4
 Fire Fighting Equipment/Extinguishers                                                             5
 Operator Room                                                                                                      6

Procedure for Grounding the elevators                                                                  7

Controller                                                                                                                    8

Fire Party                                                                                                                    10

Management Control                                                                                               11

Fire Procedures (Cont’d)
 Timekeeper                                                                                                           13
 Floor plan                                                                                                              14

Fire Incident – Controller Check list                                                                      20

Staff roll call

Fire Procedures (Cont’d)
 Executive Office                                                                                                   39
 DH, DHA, Executive Duty Manager                                                                   40
 Assistant Manager                                                                                               44
 Sales Director/Managers                                                                                    45
 Personnel Office                                                                                                  47
 Training Manager                                                                                                48

Rooms Division                                                                                                         49
 Day Reception/Night Reception
 Reservation Department
 Concierge/Bell Captain
 Health Club/Pool

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Housekeeping Department                                                                                     56
 H/K Office Coordinator
 Floor Supervisor/Room Maids/Room Boy/Houseman
 Public Area Supervisor/Public Area Cleaner
 Linen/Uniform Room
 Laundry Dry Cleaning (Valet)

Food & Beverage Department                                                                                64
 Food & Beverage Cashier
Lounge (Manager/Assistant)
 Coffee Shop (Manager/Assistant)
 Lobby Bar (Manager/Assistant)
 Beach Restaurant (Supervisor)
 Service Bar
 Room Service (Day/Night)
 Mini Bar
 All Outlets Staff
 Kitchen                                                                                                                   77
 Stewarding Department (Day/Night)                                                                 78
 Staff Canteen                                                                                                         80
 Accounting Department                                                                                       81
 General Cashier
 Front Cashier
 Night Auditor
 General Store
 Food Store
 Cost Control/Receiving
 Purchasing Department                                                                                       88
 Engineering Department                                                                                     89
 Chief Engineer/Asst. Chief Engineer/Senior Engineer
 Painter/Foreman Painter
 Carpenter/Foreman Carpenter
 Chief Store Keeper/Store Helper/Dept. Secretary
 Shops                                                                                                                     93
 Appendix Pictures

Page 2


Fire Prevention

– Report any unusual smoke or small of burning.
– Do not allow nudity working space or rubbish to accumulate anywhere.
– Pay particular attention to wooden structures and accumulation of paper.
– Ensure that flammable equipment is protected.
– Inform Security of anything suspicious and/or defective.
– Do not store flammable items in your locker.

– Only smoke in designated areas.
– Report to Security anyone who smokes in a restricted area.

– Do not work with equipment which is not electrically safe. Have it fixed.
– Unplug your electrical appliances before leaving your duty.
– Report to security (HM/HS) anything that could cause a fire.

– Keep Fire Exits always free from obstacles and accessible at all times.
– Ensure that you know all the Fire Exits in your area of work.

– Report to Chef if you notice that your exhaust does not work properly.
– Report to Chef if grease is leaking from the hood or if the hood is greasy.


– Check your exhaust daily for cleanliness and efficiency. A dirty filter automatically means a dirty duct and a less efficient exhaust.
– Check your gas appliances daily for flame regulator and leaks.
– Report to Chef any problems with the stove no matter electrical or gas.
– When flaming do not pour alcohol directly from the bottle as the bottle may catch fire and explode in your face.
– Systematically check the buffet burners. They all must have a cover/lid.
– ENSURE that you Always have a fire extinguisher per buffet line as well as one for each gas cooking station.
– Always use Helium gas to inflate balloons …nothing else.

– Ensure that all irons are in good condition and have a resting-place

Fire Manual Introduction

Fire Procedures/Equipment

Introduction: ………Resort & Spa is equipped with modern fire detection technology consisting of

• Smoke/heat detectors in every guestroom and in all public spaces. (with the exception of our restaurants)
The smoke detectors as well as the Fire pull station (break glass panel system) are linked

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