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4.04 Job Descriptions, Room Division – Human Resources, 33 pages

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A complete selection of Housekeeping job descriptions, ideal for setting your
Standards during pre-opening and as a guideline during the day-to day operation
For Human Resources, department head and employee.


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– 1.01 Job Disc Human Resources Director

– 1.02 Job Disc Training Manager

– 1.03 Job Disc Human Resources Officer

– 1.04 Job Disc Health & Safety Manager

– 1.05 Job Disc Assistant Human Resources Manager

– 1.06 Job Disc Assistant Training Manager

– 1.07 Job Disc Personnel Office Coordinator


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Resort & Spa

Job Description

JOB TITLE                          Human Resources Director

DEPARTMENT                    Human Resources

REPORTS TO                      General Manager

SUPERVISES                       Human Res., Training, Security, Staff Accommodation, Health, Hygiene, Safety


To achieve the goals of the business by developing and implementing the Human Resources strategy of the hotel, and supporting the GM in all HR responsibilities and issues.
At ……… Resort, we are proud to represent our hotel and our country to guests from all over the world. We treat our guests and our colleagues with respect, and work hard together to deliver the highest quality of service to all.

This is not an exhaustive list of everything that needs to be done. …….hotel employees always look for new ways to meet the needs and wishes of our guests and provide them with an excellent stay. We always support our colleagues across all departments.
Strategy and Planning
• Provide HR input to the overall Hotel business plan and control the HR components of this plan on an ongoing basis HR Operations

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• Ensure the HR operational policies and processes are adhered to and the local aspects of these are continuously improved
• Manage all activities concerning: Sourcing & Recruitment, job design, performance management, staff discipline, and administration
• Manage the HR operation based on a detailed and up-to-date understanding of local labor law
Learning & Development
• Liaise with Training manager to identify staff training and development needs, and to source interventions that meet these needs
Compensation & Benefits
• Implement corporate principles and put in place local policies & processes
• Implement and monitor any employee incentive schemes

Employee Communications
• Manage the communication of key messages, business strategy, and vision and values to all employees and encourage and enable feedback
• Set up and be the primary point of contact for the employee communications committee. Maintain a positive relationship with staff representatives.
HR Systems Ownership
• Ensure that the hotel is making the most of the in house Human Resource Management System (HRMS), including the Management Information capability of the product
Employee Accommodation and Transport
• Supervise and coordinate all matters of staff accommodation, facilities, and transport. Escalate issues as required to the GM and Excom on a timely basis.
• Supervise and coordinate all matters of hotel security. Escalate issues as required to the GM and Excom on a timely basis.
Health, Hygiene, and Safety
• Supervise and coordinate all matters of adherence to HH&S policy. Escalate issues as required to the GM and Excom on a timely basis.
It is not anticipated that shift work is required in this role. However weekend work or late hours may be required, depending on the needs of the operation.

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• A genuine interest in the welfare of all hotel employees is critical.
• Must maintain the trust of the staff, and be regarded as fair, reasonable, approachable, and honest.
• Understands the business environment, and the strategic objectives and challenges of the overall hotel operation
• Passionate about improving staff welfare and guest satisfaction. Focused on achieving results and continual improvement
• Processes information intelligently and analytically, leading to well-informed judgements and logical and coherent conclusions
• Past experience in managing a hotel Human Resources function
• An aptitude for and interest in learning and understanding new HR administration computer systems, including web-enabled systems
• Strong knowledge and familiarity with Microsoft Office software

At least 5 – 7 years in 4 or 5 star properties


High school or above

Minimum 30 years old

• Must be a Thai national. Ability to also speak fluent English is critical.
• Must possess the appropriate professional qualification held by Human Resources professionals in the country of operation


Aptitudes :
Ability to delegate, lead coach tasks to the sub-ordinates. Be able to do prompt decision making and ability to analyze problems. Planning, organizing, motivating, controlling and staff management is the key to be succeeded in this position.

Temperament :

Self –motivated and in good spirits, an eye, time and solutions for problems of all staff.

There are no specific financial authorities associated with this role. The individual is expected to manage the overall Human Resources budget for the hotel.
Responsible for implementing the hotel recruitment and dismissal process. To liaise with GM in all matters of staff compensation and benefits.

The ……………team always believes and behaves in the following:
We have pride in the work we do, how we present ourselves, and how we communicate with our guests and our colleagues.
We always find the best way to solve a problem for a guest or a colleague.
We work closely with our colleagues in all departments to deliver the highest quality of service on
all occasions.

We always think of new ways to surprise and delight our guests.
We treat guests and colleagues fairly – everyone is important.
We are proud to represent our hotel and our country to guests from all over the world.
We are happy to talk to our guests when they ask us questions about our hotel and about Thailand.

The hotel requires that you will not (either during or after your employment), divulge any
Information acquired by you about the company, its customers and associated business to any
Third party without express authorization from Senior Management of the hotel
Since the tasks and SOP’s are increasing, and will be revised at a later stage, it is understood
That there will be some additional and new attachments in the future as the business will be
Increasing and customer’s expectations will be even higher, therefore new tasks will
Added, as it shall be required.
I have read, understood and agree to this job description, all my duties and responsibilities.

Employee:………………………………….          Signed: …………………………… Date: ………..

Department Head:…………………………      Signed: …………………………… Date:………

Personnel Manager:……………………….     Signed: …………………………… Date: ………

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