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3.01 Operation terms of Sales & Marketing, 6 pages

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This is a list of classic and internationally used operation terms for the Sales and
Marketing Department. Perfect for the departmental introduction and as a training
tool for new students, trainees and apprentices.



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Operation Terms 




Sales & Marketing



Ad Hoc Group
A tour group of customers, headed for a specific destination, that stays en-route at a hotel overnight. The en-route stay is a stopover and not part of the reason for the tour.

Account Management System
Methodology for managing customer accounts in a sales office.

Airline Market
Housing of airline employees and crew members by a hotel on a contractual basis, normally over a period of at least one year. Also known as “base business”.

Area Of Dominant Influence ( ADI)
Specific geographic population bases determined by television audience but also used by newspaper & magazine media for distribution coverage.

In a positive sense, the conscious designing of a concept to create certain effects in buyers, the effort to design buying environments to produce specific emotional effects
In the buyer that will enhance purchase probability. May also be negative.

Affective component of the belief-attitude-behavior triad; emotional responses toward beliefs.

Augmented Product
The totality of all benefits received or experienced by the customer when purchasing the product.

The Average Room Rate (ARR)
The method to track the spending habits of room customers, derived by dividing the total money collected for room rent on a given day by the number of rooms sold; also
Called “Average Daily Rate” (ADR). Establishments may or may not include complimentary rooms, out-of-order rooms and day use rooms in the calculation.

Behavioral Differences
The ways in which one segment (customer) behaves differently from another. Can lead to conflict among segments.

Something we think is fact about an object, for whatever reason or derivation. A belief is cognitive.

Serve the needs and wants of the consumer, what a feature can do for the customer, the reason that a customer needs or uses the feature or product.

Bimodal or Strongly-Skewed Life Cycle
Two possible configurations of the product life cycle when it does not always follow a bell-shaped curve.


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