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S&M, Marketing Approach For Sales Managers

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Free E-Journal



Free E-Journal

Marketing Approach For Sales Managers



Marketing Approach For Sales Managers


  • Find out who is on the board of directors and what companies they are affiliated with.
  • Find out the needs of the organization
  • Find out something about their budget. This is easy if they are a tax-exempt organization.
  • Find out about past catering functions, where they were held, prices, number of covers, special requests, etc
  • Find out if the organization has any housing / room needs and how you can help.
  • Read newspapers about their history, ads and reports and totally familiarize yourself with their goals & identity.
  • Make sure you meet with a major staff member and a board member, at least you have for another & next meeting something to review and refer on.
  • Work out before the event how the hotel will be credited and recognized, a complimentary ad in a season’s program or periodically newsletter will go a long way in justifying your investment.
  • If you are trying to attract the organization, it must have an audience that is part of your marketing mix.


Other possible returns for your donations include:

  • Having the organization give the hotel complimentary tickets that can be used by the staff for entertaining clients or as employee incentive.
  • Asking the organization to give you access to their mailing list. This can be crucial in trying to publicize a new week-end program or the opening of a new food and beverage outlet.
  • Requesting the organization to commit to a two year contract. This not only makes it easy for the organization to plan ahead, but also helps the hotel I projecting revenues..
  • You should also be willing to donate meeting rooms for seminars and retreats if F&B is ordered
  • Most important is the follow-up: make sure you are aware of the news that is created by the organization ( anniversaries, birthdays etc. ) For major events the GM might sent a personal congratulations letter or sending a birthday cake.


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