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Clear the path of employee performance

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Clear the path of employee performance



Clear the path to employee performance


If the team does fight the system or withdraws, frustration is in developing and something needs to be done.

You like to help, motivate them and would like to try to

Change the system


  1. Invite your employees to meet with you to discuss the situation.
  2. Let them tell you their perceptions and feelings. What problem(s) have they perceived? Sure, you may know it already, but they need to be involved from the start. Besides, what if you have missed or misinterpreted something?
  3. Ask them to suggest ways to improve the situation. Welcome any and all suggestions, no matter how unrealistic they appear, for two reasons: A, you want to encourage open thinking, so you’re not just reaching to a problem, but thinking in terms of the big picture. B, if the problem requires action, its probably already caused a lot of negative feelings – and a forum can help everybody express those feelings and vent.
  4. Decide together on the best solution. Seek consensus in doing this. “Best” here may mean easiest or most practical or ideal , depending on your situation. Or it may mean several solutions.
  5. Determine who will take charge of the solution. Don’t volunteer: let your employees decide. If they want to take charge, you should accept only if you don’t empower one or more of them to do so. But you should also involve a few of them: this is a shared action, a collaborative project.
  6. Set a schedule. Who will be doing what and by when?
  7. Schedule a meeting to evaluate the effects of the action.




  • Think in terms of the “whole system”. Every organization is complex

Social and mechanical system, with dynamic connections among forces

and patterns. Factors above and beyond your immediate work area

substantially influence the motivation of your employees.


  • Never underestimate the impact of social interaction on the business system.


  • Managers appreciate employees who can adapt to the system. But there is a

Cost: employees who are continually adapting to systems will fight the

Systems, accept the situation or withdraw. Adapting is stressful for most


  • If there are restraining forces undermining the motivation of your employees

Consider working with your employees to change the system, to remove or

reduce these forces


  • Don’t sub-optimize the system. Provide whatever resources, responsibilities

Rewards, and respect your employees need to do their jobs better, but from a

systems perspective. Territorial attitudes hurt the organization , as actions to

improve the situation in one area often make the situation  worse in other areas.


  • Think and act in terms of the greater good of the system .That way, you and

your employees will help the entire organization achieve optimal results.


  • People – and you as a manager, may pay the price in terms of the effects on employees’ motivation and performance.







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