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6.02 Job Descriptions, Health Club, Spa & Recreation, 65 Pages

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A complete selection of Health Club – Spa – Leisure job descriptions, ideal for setting
Your standards and as a guideline for the day-to-day operation for Human Resources,
Department head and employee.


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Job Descriptions – Health Club –  Spa & Recreation



1.01 Spa Manager

1.02 Assistant Club Manager

1.03 Spa Clinic Supervisor

1.04 Massage Senior Therapist

1.05 Therapist

1.06 Beautician

1.07 Receptionist

1.08 Fitness Manager

1.09 Fitness Instructor

1.10 Sport Manager

1.11 Sport Attendant

1.12 Life Guard Supervisor

1.13 Life Guard

1.14 Pool Attendant

1.15 Tennis Coach

1.16 Kid Club Attendant

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Resort & Spa

Job Description

TITLE:                               SPA MANAGER

DEPARTMENT:               Health Club & Leisure – Room Division

REPORTS TO                  Assistant Club Manager, Club Manager



1. Responsible for providing high quality service to all customers as assigned by Spa management.
2. Proficient in all phases of skin care, waxing, body, massage, spa and hydrotherapy treatments.
3. Knowledge and application of skin care, body and spa products.
4. Responsible for the training of the Beauticians and Therapists with regards to client care, procedures and product knowledge.
5. Responsible for monthly promotions.
6. Responsible for the beauty article in the monthly newsletter.
7. Responsible to motivate your Spa staff with regards to the selling of beauty and spa products and courses of treatments and offer incentives if need be.
8. Develop promotional packages and products for special occasions, i.e. Christmas, Valentine’s Day etc.
9. Oversee the Hair and Beauty Salon and Hair Stylists.
10. Responsible for reviewing the price list form time to time if need be.
11. Responsible for the Spa consultations and course cards.
12. Responsible for the appointment bookings sheet and the training of Member Relations staff how to take bookings and confirm appointments.
13. When needed be available to do all treatments as listed on the price list.
14. Be available to answer questions, train front desk staff on treatments available at the Spa.
15. Hold weekly training workshops with all Spa Staff and use other staff in the Health Club for models so they can also promote the treatments.
16. Establish rapport with customers to encourage continued business and regular clients.
17. Monitor stock levels of all supplies necessary for beauty, spa and massage service and submits requisitions for products and accessories as required.
18. Ensure hygiene standards of The Spa are adhered to at all times and train the staff on how to clean their equipment.
19. Check the cleanliness of the treatment rooms including the relaxation room, the shower in each room, the floor, towels set up, vaporizer, all accessories in the treatment room, make sure no dust left and spotless
20. Fill in the check list form for Beauticians and Therapists to fill in when they cleaning the treatment rooms and checking all the equipment condition.

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21. Check the commission of Beauticians and Therapists, work together with Asst. Club manger to make any correction
22. Complete Inventory report by the end of each month and submit it to Cost Control depart
23. Be active to create new monthly promotion and drives the staff on selling the program
24. Check the stock of all products supply and make the request when necessary

The responsibilities are:

1. To provide high quality service to all costumer when entering the Spa and high quality staff to conduct the best service.
2. Make sure the standard of performance and procedures are applied at any time.
3. Motivate the Beauticians and Therapists to selling every promotion program we have in order to increase the revenue.
4. Increase the revenue of spa treatments.
5. To provide the well- trained and professional Beauticians and Therapists to conduct all kind of treatments we have at the Spa.
6. Establish rapport with costume to encourage continued business and regular client.
7. Make sure the operation of Spa Clinique when well and smooth, this is also involved the reception staff and sport attendant staff.
8. To provide the clean, nice and comfortable environment at the Spa area, including treatment rooms, relaxation room and locker room.
9. To make sure the operation of reception going well and the counter never leave unattended.
10. To up to date spa treatments, information of spa treatments and checking the new spa open around the area.
11. Stand by at reception counter when no reception available and make any payment necessary through Fidelio.
12. Be available to work with clients when needed.
13. Work together with Sport Attendant for any stocks of room set up and check the member’s locker room when no Sport Attendant available.
14. Check the appointment and booking book from time to time to make sure all clients receive the best service
15. Doing the competition survey once a month in order to increase our service to clients and always surprise and delight client with different program all the time.
16. Check the competitor price list and treatments for comparison.
17. Checking all the regular client and give them call when we have a special promotion.
18. Work together with Product Supplier to make Training Schedule on product knowledge, skill and other topic necessary with lecture and practical session.
19. Work together with Asst. Club Manager or Training Manager to conduct up-selling training and English lesson.
20. Conduct Beauticians and Therapists briefing regarding the operations of Spa Clinique, program and promotion, etc and with Reception and Sport Attendant if necessary.

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1. Spa treatments skill, beauty products skill
2. Able to lead and managed people, able to communicate with costumer at all level, able to give training on the Spa treatments and massage, able to supervise beauticians and therapists.
3. Knowledge required: spa treatments and hydrotherapy procedures, safety aspect procedures, room set up procedures.
4. Good command of verbal and written English at intermediate level.


1. Beautician School graduated
2. CPR certificate, certified beautician.
3. Min. experience 4 years as Spa Manager
4. Must be able to contact with all levels of personnel within the hotel and with the hotel guests.
5. Must be able to communicate with costume at all level
6. Minimum 4 years experience as supervisor or 2 years in the same position.


• All staff must wear their respective uniforms with their name badges pinned on while on duty. Uniforms should be well pressed and stain free.
• Hair should be kept neat and clean. Long hair should be swept back form the face, tied up at all times. Colors of hair accessories should be limited to The Spa’s corporate colors of red, black or white.
• All staff should wear minimal make-up to project the image of our profession. Make-up should be minimal and tastefully done.
• Finger nails should be kept short, clean and manicured. Only clear nail polish is allowed.
• Flat white rubber soled shoes must be worn in line with the uniform. Other shoes are not allowed.
• All staff should maintain a professional image at all times. Small and light jewelry may be worn. However rings are not to be worn during treatments.
• All staff are expected to pay attention to their personal hygiene especially body odor and oral freshness.
• Avoid wearing heavy fragrances and deodorants.
• Staff must wear a smile. Warm, genuine and welcoming faces always help clients become comfortable with the environment.


• All staff must project a professional image of the beauty profession in speech and conduct.
• Avoid speaking in loud voices when in The Spa.
• All discussions or meetings must be kept behind closed doors.
• Always adopt a friendly tone when engaged in conversation with your clients. A soothing and friendly voice helps the client relax and makes them more receptive to treatment.

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• Refrain form speaking with other colleagues in an informal manner in the presence of your clients.
• Never use abusive language or swear in the presence of clients.
• All staff should always convey professionalism through body language.
• Your posture, gestures and facial expressions should reflect a warm, caring disposition and communicate The Spa’s values.


• All Beauticians must report to work at least 15 minutes before commencement of shift.
• Staff should be in uniform and ready to receive their first client. Remember you are working in the service industry and it is bad business practice to come in after your client has arrived.
• No staff is permitted to leave The Spa before completing the official working hours UNLESS permission has been given by the Club Manager.
• All staff must punch their time card before and when leaving work.

• Noise level within The Spa must be kept to a minimum to create and maintain an ambience conducive for relaxation. Remember your client is here to RELAX.
• Consumption of food and beverages is prohibited in The Spa. All food and drink must be consumed in hotels canteen.
• Smoking and consumption of alcohol is prohibited in The Spa.

• Staff are not expected to let their personal problems interfere with their work. Do not share your problems with your clients. If you have a work related problem, speak to your Manager.
• Staff must not make personal telephone calls unless it is very important.
• Staff must keep their belongings in the staff lockers provided in The Spa Health Club.

• All Therapists and Beauticians are not allowed to change the client’s appointment unless it is personally requested by the client.
• Staff should not hang around public places if they are not busy. They must wait in the staff locker area.
• Confidentially of client’s records must be maintained. Client’s consultation cards must never be left unattended.

• The success of The Spa Le Meridien Jakarta depends on the teamwork, excellence and dedication of it’s staff. We should all work towards creating a happy and efficient working environment.
• Speak positively toward each other. Offer encouragement and compliments when deserved.
• Share your knowledge, skills and ideas to promote advancement of skills and treatments.
• Interpersonal conflicts should never be left unresolved. Try to resolve your differences together. If problems remain unresolved, they should be brought up to the management.
• Refrain from gossiping among your colleagues. Criticisms and personal opinions should be kept to yourself.
• Staff should not compete for clients.
• Staff should be helpful toward each other in their duties and responsibilities.

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The ……………team always believes and behaves in the following:

We have pride in the work we do, how we present ourselves, and how we communicate with our guests and our colleagues.

We always find the best way to solve a problem for a guest or a colleague.

We work closely with our colleagues in all departments to deliver the highest quality of service on all occasions.

We always think of new ways to surprise and delight our guests.

We treat guests and colleagues fairly – everyone is important.

We are proud to represent our hotel and our country to guests from all over the world.

We are happy to talk to our guests when they ask us questions about our Spa and about Thailand.


The hotel requires that you will not (either during or after your employment), divulge any information acquired by you about the company, its customers and associated business to any third party without express authorization from Senior Management of the hotel since the tasks and SOP’s are increasing, and will be revised at a later stage, it is understood that there will be some additional and new attachments in the future as the business will be increasing and customer’s expectations will be even higher, therefore new tasks will Added, as it shall be required.

I have read, understood and agree to this job description, all my duties and responsibilities.

Employee:………………………………….      Signed: …………………………… Date: ………..

Department Head:………………………… Signed: …………………………    Date:………..

Personnel Manager:………………………. Signed: …………………………… Date: ……

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