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4.02. Job Descriptions – Room Division – Houskeeping, 67 pages

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1.01 Executive Housekeeper

1.02 Assistant Housekeeper

1.03 Laundry Manager

1.04 Housekeeping Supervisor (Floor)

1.05 Housekeeping Supervisor (Public Area)

1.06 Housekeeping Supervisor (Linen)

1.07 Housekeeping Supervisor (Mini Bar)

1.08 Housekeeping Overnight Supervisor

1.09 Recreation Supervisor

1.10 Recreation Officer

1.11 Housekeeping Senior Room Attendant

1.12 Housekeeping Attendant (Cleaner)

1.13 Linen, Uniform Attendant

1.14 Room Attendant ( Chambermaid, Room Boy)

1.15 Linen Attendant

1.16 Housekeeping Attendant (Linen Runner)

1.17 Mini Bar Attendant

1.18 Laundry Attendant

1.19 Room Maid

1.20 Florist

1.21 Public Area Cleaner

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Resort & Spa

Job Description

JOB TITLE :                             EXECUTIVE HOUSEKEEPER

REPORTS TO :                        Resident Manager

SUPERVISES :                         All Housekeeping Staff

JOB SUMMARY :                    Responsible to administer the Housekeeping department,
implementing management policies and coordinating operation Direct     responsible for planning, directing, coordinating and participating in all Housekeeping activities and work assignments, inspects Housekeeping personnel daily work activities. Supervision of cleanliness and maintenance throughout the hotel. Direct responsible for comfort and cleanliness of the hotel in every aspect and makes sure that both the standards and the image which is expected by …..Hotels.


Responsibilities and duties for this position shall include, but not be unlimited to, the following areas and activities. At management discretion, direction may be given for tasks outside the scope of work described.

The duties are :

1. Develops job flexibility in his department while conforming to hotels standards of quality and service and local regulations.
2. Check all the rooms for VIP arrivals and permanent showing rooms.
3. Checks the reports made by floor supervisors.
4. Sees that a logbook is properly kept and updated.
5. Co-ordinates with the front office manager and organizes the staffs work according to room occupancy and arrival / departure forecasts.
6. Takes active part in rooms division meetings and organizes meetings within Housekeeping Department.
7. Makes sure that staff uniforms and linen are clean and in good condition.
8. Responsible for the proper maintaining and ordering of uniforms and hotel linen.
9. Responsible for distributing and controlling stocks of linen, uniforms, cleaning products and guests supplies.
10. Co-ordinates with the Engineering Department on maintenance requirement.
11. Responsible for proper utilization and maintenance of all housekeeping equipment.
12. Co-ordinates with resident manager in drawing up the budget.
13. Controls the linen, guests supplies, cleaning products expenditures and suggests appropriate adjustments in case of discrepancy.


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14. Submits to resident manager supply requisitions for linen, uniforms, new products, equipment’s and SOE in line with the budget.
15. Responsible for the preparing of hotel linen, uniforms, equipment and SOE, inventories.
16. Co-ordinates closely with outside contractors and spot-check on their work performance.
17. Check adjusts and amends work schedules, working hour, holidays, vacation, in lieu days off, according to the occupancy of the hotel.
18. Puts forward to resident manager and human resources director requests for hiring extra or temporary staff.
19. Takes part in the drawing-up and sees to the implementation of training programs for permanent and seasonal staff, extras and trainees.
20. Puts forward salary increases, promotions and disciplinary measures to the resident manager.
21. Makes sure that hotels standards of products are respected and co-ordinates with resident manager in their development.
22. Receives and deals with guest complain, investigation and take corrective measures.
23. Controls and staff check on a daily basis that all rooms are clean and properly set-up and that all room equipment are in good working order.
24. Checks and ensures flower arrangements daily for all outlets, function room, rooms and public areas and controls the quality of flower arrangements bought or prepared by the hotel.

The responsibilities are :

1. Develops and implements procedures to govern Housekeeping activities, sees to it that personnel understand and adhere to approve standard policies and procedures.
2. Trains, directs, controls and coordinates the activities of Housekeeping
3. Delegates daily routine assignments to Assistant Housekeeper and spot check on their work performance.
4. Permanently oversees the duty roster for every level of the staff in Housekeeping Department that all SOP’s and Policies are both known and being followed
5. Controls and coordinates personnel schedules work according to room forecast occupancy.
6. Knowledge of safety, fire and hygiene regulations and makes sure that they are following the procedures.
7. Sets up the necessary procedures for the smooth running of the department and organizes their implementation, control and follow-up.
8. Complies with Hotel’s health, safety, and hygiene policy.
9. Supervises and controls the daily cleanliness of guest rooms and public areas including offices, restaurant and function rooms.
10. Supervises the work of assistant housekeepers, floor supervisors, mini bar supervisor and linen supervisor.
11. Sets-up tests for cleaning products and proposes certain guests supplies (which are not included in the Image standards).
12. Makes sure the new employees are acquainted with the Chain, hotel, rooms division and their department, and familiar with their job description.

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Must be able to communicate in English writing and speaking and other languages that are an advantage. Graduates bachelor degree and/or diploma in hotel and restaurant management with minimum of 3 – 4 years of experience in similar position. Deals with guest complaints. Training, developing and evaluating staff. Screening, interviewing and selection. Coordinating with other departments. Hotel organization and policies. Safety precautions, first aid and fire procedures.

DESIRABLE QUALIFICATIONS                                                                                                                                     Must be able to contact with all levels of personnel within the hotel and with the hotel guests.

At least 3-5 years in 4 or 5 star properties


Secondary school or above

Minimum 25 years old

WORKING CONDITIONS:                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Perform other related duties as delegated by Management. Flexible.


Strong leadership. Ability to delegate and simplify all tasks to sub-ordinates. Budgeting, good communication. Be able to conduct prompt decision making and ability to analyze reports. Initiative, efficiency, planning, organizing, motivating, expenditure controlling and staff management. Communicative effectively, good personality and appearance.

Ability to work under pressure.


The ……………team always believes and behaves in the following:

We have pride in the work we do, how we present ourselves, and how we communicate with our guests and our colleagues.

We always find the best way to solve a problem for a guest or a colleague.

We work closely with our colleagues in all departments to deliver the highest quality of service on
all occasions.

We always think of new ways to surprise and delight our guests.

We treat guests and colleagues fairly – everyone is important.

We are proud to represent our hotel and our country to guests from all over the world.

We are happy to talk to our guests when they ask us questions about our hotel and about Thailand.


The hotel requires that you will not (either during or after your employment), divulge any
Information acquired by you about the company, its customers and associated business to any third party without express authorization from Senior Management of the hotel

Since the tasks and SOP’s are increasing, and will be revised at a later stage, it is understood
That there will be some additional and new attachments in the future as the business will be
Increasing and customer’s expectations will be even higher, therefore new tasks will
Added, as it shall be required.

I have read, understood and agree to this job description, all my duties and responsibilities.

Employee:………………………………….       Signed: …………………………… Date: ………..

Department Head:…………………………   Signed: …………………………… Date:…………

Personnel Manager:……………………….  Signed: …………………………    Date: ………..


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