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10.11 Chefs Personal Training Plan, 19 pages

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A complete and detailed training plan, designed for every new Chef Trainee coming onboard
to a 5 star luxury kitchen. Perfectly lined out with all responsibilities for the daily
Work and follow up in a hotel kitchen . Needed for the HR Department and the Executive Chef for setting standards in Chef’s training and development.


Pre-view pages




                                                          Host Personal Profile




Section 1                              Personal Data

Section 2                              Personal Training Plan

Section 3                              Job description

Section 4                              Departmental Information

Section 5                              Best Practices


Section 1, Personal Data


Page 1


Host first name               :

Host family name             :

Position                            : Executive Sous-Chef

Department                     : Kitchen

Host ID                           :

Date of birth                   :

Date of joining                 :

Phone number (home)       :

Phone number (mobile)    :



Section 2, Training Plan


Page 2


Welcome Suthep to your new career at ….

Resort & Spa training plan lay-out for ………


Suthep induction check list


Induction Done    
Not Done Trainee’s Signature Trainer’s Signature
1.      Welcome
a.   Has been through tour of the whole department
b.  Briefed on Who Is Who & Hierarchy
c.  Briefed and know Reporting Structure
2.    Mandatory Brief
a.  Briefed on Fire Procedures relevant
b. Briefed on First Aid Facilities/ First Aid
c.  Briefed on Code Black relevant
d.  Brief – Dangerous Equipment if any & Care
3.    Administration
a.  Timing/ Off Day/ Leaves/ Sick Leave
b.  Intending procedures if applicable
c.  Training In Place, Goals & Objectives
d.  Procedures/ Policies
e. Uniform
4.    Important Information
a. Hygiene Specific Inputs
b. Care during Chemical Usage
c. Focus on environment and relevance
 d. Guest/ Host Comment
 e. Any special instructions in place
 f. Relationship with different departments
 g. Grooming Standards
h. Job Description given and explained
i. Initial Training Plan given
j. Do’s & Dont’s of department discusses
6.  Explained what is the core activities of the job


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