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10.10 Job Descriptions Kitchen, 219 pages

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A complete set of job descriptions for the Kitchen Department. Ideal to set your
International resort & hotel standards and perfect for the basic pre-opening training.
Easy to alter and adjust to your individual needs.It consists among others of western kitchen
Thai Kitchen, Chinese Kitchen, Cafeteria and Bakery.

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1.01 Executive Chef
1.02 Executive Sous Chef
1.03 Sous Chef
1.04. Western Chef de Partie
1.05 Western Demi Chef de Partie
1.06 Western Commis 1
1.07 Western Commis 2
1.08 Western Commis 3
1.09 Cold Kitchen Chef de Partie
1.10 Cold Kitchen Demi Chef de Partie
1.11 Cold Kitchen Commis 1
1.12 Cold Kitchen Commis 2
1.13 Cold Kitchen Commis 3
1.14 Thai Chef de Partie
1.15 Thai Demi Chef de Partie
1.16 Thai Commis 1
1.17 Thai Commis 2
1.18 Thai Commis 3
1.19 Beach Chef de Partie
1.20 Beach Demi Chef de Partie
1.21 Beach Commis 1
1.22 Beach Commis 2
1.23 Beach Commis 3
1.24 Butcher Chef de Partie
1.25 Butcher Demi Chef de Partie
1.26 Butcher Commis 1
1.27 Butcher Commis 2
1.28 Butcher Commis 3
1.29 Italian Sous Chef
1.30 Italian Chef de Partie
1.31 Italian Commis 1
1.32 Italian Commis 2
1.33 Chinese Head Chef
1.34 Cantonese Sous Chef
1.35 Chinese Chef de Partie
1.36 Chinese Demi Chef de Partie
1.37 Chinese Commis 1
1.38 Chinese Commis 2
1.39 Pastry Chef
1.40 Pastry Sous Chef
1.41 Pastry Junior Sous Chef
1.42 Pastry Chef de Partie
1.43 Pastry Demin Chef de Partie
1.44 Pastry Commis 1
1.45 Pastry Commis 2
1.46 Pastry Commis 3
1.47 Artist Chef de Partie
1.48 Cafeteria Supervisor
1.49 Cafeteria Chef de Partie
1.50 Cafeteria Demi Chef de Partie
1.51 Cafeteria Commis 1
1.52 Cafeteria Commis 2
1.53 Cafeteria Commis 3

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Resort & Spa

Job Title: Executive Chef
Division: F & B
Department: Kitchen
Country/City Thailand 

O R G A N I S A T I O N  S T R U C T U R E

Reports to: Director of Food & Beverage

This Job: Executive Chef

Direct Subordinates: Sous Chef, Pastry Chef, Butcher, Chef de Parties
Demi Chefs, Commis 1, Commis 2, Kitchen Helpers

Indirect Subordinates: Chief Steward, Stewards


Assisting the Director of Food & Beverage in supervision of the entire kitchen department of the hotel to
Insure food product quality standards are met at all times and optimum service is provided to hotel guests
according to …………Resort & Spa international standards.
Provides functional assistance and direction to the kitchen operation. Interacts with individuals outside the hotel including clients, suppliers, government officials, competitors and other local community. Coordinates Functions and activities with other Food & Beverage department heads.



Supervises the functioning of all kitchen employees, facilities and costs and contributes to Maximizing the overall F&B departmental profit.

2. Controls and analysis on on-going basis the quality levels of production and presentation including staff cafeteria, guest satisfaction,                    merchandising and marketing, operating payroll and food costs, cleanliness, sanitation and hygiene.

Responsible for the production, preparation and presentation of all food items, to
ensure the highest quality at all times and that menu items are correctly prepared
according to recipe.

4. Establishes and maintains effective employee relations and interdepartmental working relationships.

5. To strictly adhere to the opening and closing procedures established for

6. Conducts, under the guidance of the Food and Beverage Director, such functions as interviewing, hiring, employee orientation, performance         appraisal, coaching counseling and suspension if necessary to ensure appropriate staffing and productivity. Consults with F&B department          heads and personal manager as appropriate in Performing The above duties.

7. Develops formal training plans and conducts on-the-job training sessions for kitchen employees.

8. Supervision and control of sanitation and cleanliness of all kitchen outlets through
supervisors and stewarding department, including storage areas, back of the house and refrigerators on daily basis.

9. To maintain and monitor operating food supplies par stock and control and to keep
Spoilage and wastage at a minimum.

10. Is responsible for the presentation of menus and participates in the pricing policy in Consultation with the Food and Beverage Director,                Restaurant Manager by taking into
Consideration: local requirements, market needs, competition, trends, recipes,
Potential Costs, availability of F&B products, merchandising and promotion.

11.Works with storekeeper in determining the minimum and maximum food par stocks. Ensures the completion of the market list in accordance        with …… Resort quality. And Quality standards. inspects all perishable food items received for quality.

12. Attends and contributes to all scheduled departmental head meetings and Food and Beverage departmental meetings.

13.Keeps an up-to-date standard recipe file for all food items, which include:
Sales history, sales mix, actual cost, potential cost, par stock, production time.

14. Performs related duties and special projects as assigned

1. To understand and strictly adhere the rules and regulations established
In the Employees Handbook.

2. To understand and strictly adhere to the hotel’s policy on fire, hygiene,
Health and safety.

3. To report for duty punctually wearing the correct uniform, name tag always

4.To maintain a high standard of personal appearance and hygiene at all times.

5. To maintain a good rapport and working relationship with staff in the outlet
And all other departments.

6. To provide a courteous and professional service at all times.

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7. To ensure all processes within the department is documented.

8. To undertake any responsible tasks and secondary duties as assigned by the
Director of Food & Beverage and to respond to all changes in the department
function as dictated by the hotel.

9. To attend all training sessions organized by the Department Head or Training

10. To fully utilize technology provided by the hotel.

11. To ensure all processes within the department is documented.

Employee Handling

1. To assist in the building of an efficient team of employees by taking an
Active interest in their welfare, safety and development.

2. To ensure that all employees wearing the correct uniform and name tag
At all times.

3. To assist in the training of the employees ensuring that they have the
Necessary skills to perform their duties with maximum efficiency.

4. To supervise the employees within the department, ensuring that the
Correct standards and methods of service are maintained as stated in
The Department’s Operation Manual.

5. To assist that all employees provide a courteous and professional service
At all times.

6. To be available for regular reviews and job charts

7. To ensure that regular On The Job Training are conducted within the department.
And attended.

8. To ensure that these training sessions are been recorded.

9. To fully utilize, communicate and administrate the company and hotel benefits
applicable to hotel employees

Occasional Duties:

To assist in carrying out, bi-yearly, yearly inventory of operating equipment.
To carry out any other reasonable duties and responsibilities as assigned.
To actively participate in the quality circle within the hotel

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Job Profile


Internal: Stewarding Department, Catering Department, F&B Department

External: Front Office, Housekeeping


Professional Skills: Flexibility, imaginative, business minded, hard working and
Energetic, Must be team orientated. Must be able to demonstrate
recent successes in a comparable position

Business Skills: Gain commitment to action from a range of people
Entrepreneurial attitude and approach

Special Skills: Computer literate, English literate in reading, speaking and writing

Personal Qualities: Communicates openly and clearly in English
Sets high personal performance standards
Adapts quickly and positively to new situations
Confidence in representing the hotel both internally and externally
Ability to demonstrate a creative look.

Education: High school or above

Age: Minimum 35 years old

Experience: Minimum 15 years experience from 4 or 5 star properties

B U S I N E S S  E T H I C S

The hotel requires that you will not (either during or after your employment), divulge any
Information acquired by you about the company, its customers and associated business
to any
Third party without express authorization from Senior Management of the hotel

Since the tasks and SOP’s are increasing, and will be revised at a later stage, it is
That there will be some additional and new attachments in the future as the business will
Be More increasing and customer’s expectations will be even higher, therefore new tasks
will be Added, as it shall be required.

I have read, understood and agree to this job description, all my duties and

Employee:…………………………………………………….  Signed: …………………   Date: ………..

Department Head:……………………………………….. Signed: …………………    Date: …………

Personnel Manager:……………………………………… Signed: …………………… Date: …………

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