In order to sell yourself within the present, very competitive and excited worldwide hospitality market and to get speedy attention from your favorite employer and well established, leading global luxury hotel / hotel chain, please have a look at the below important topics to remember.


Be humble with the introduction and of your background
Praise your former bosses and working places
Emphasize on your stable career background
Give your team credit as well
Mention your goals and how you want to achieve them in what time frame
Testify of your loyalty from pervious employments

Built up trust
Stay honest all the time
Be always trust-worthy
Hard working
Sense of humor

Be proud of your achievements
But without showing off
Testify with data, reference letters, photos, news-paper clips, videos, etc.
Show that you can be very Innovative
Present yourself as well organized

Positive approach
Prove to be hard working
Good communicator
Be tactful
Show consistency
Testify to be ambitious
Offer assistance

Open for discussion
Be determined to reach self-set goals and by the department

Be flexible in negotiations with contract and salary
Don’t forget the competition out there is tough and many
Willing to come earlier and leave late if required
Show patience
Be supportive

Always plan ahead
Get constantly new ideas from the local and international market
Watch what the competition is doing
Check out present and future trends
Be innovative with new ideas
Be a good networker

Respect the decision of your supervisor and boss
Stay connected
Be adaptable for changes
Be open for criticism
Listen to subordinates and be fair
Always motivate and properly train your subordinates

Prepare yourself sufficient with info and date about your-self and the property
Don’t ask for the salary or package, unless the interviewer mentions it
Be polite
Don’t interrupt the interviewer
Answer all questions correctly and fast
Stick to the point

Select your referees carefully
Be sure you had a good relationship with them
Assure all data like: position, property, address and contact details are up-to-date
Inform them of your new job hunt and ask them kindly to provide reference if needed

Good luck for your new dream job and your next excited career move !