We at Tiger Hospitality Search have a long-term history of over 11 years serving the international luxury hospitality industry with focus of an un-compromising and professional business relationship.

Select THS as your Recruitment Firm and your expectations and individual requirements will be met in every respect.

Worldwide contacts

Since all those years of successfully operating as a distinguished recruitment company we have set-up an extensive data bank of over 50000 contacts globally, both of our clients and job seekers. These professional contacts will surely benefit you as a client in finding the right candidates for your prestigious property.

Professional candidates available

This is because Tiger Hospitality Search not only invests time in understanding your company culture, business goals and job requirements, but we can attract talented applicants by promoting and showcasing your company to the most suitable job seekers.

Endice best professionals

Convince top hospitality talent by promoting your brand and generate more relevant applications about your company culture and future targets with our responsively designed ads. You are invited to include striking images and /or videos about your vacancy and brand to attract the most suitable applicants.

Target selected candidates

Contact new applicants immediately by:

  • Sending out an email directly to their inbox
    Reach out directly to the latest registered candidates with a Keyshot
  • Target job-seekers based on resume keywords, location, education background, salary and location
  • Save your time and way, by saving your searches if you run through the same search several times
  • Our advanced search filters will help you to get selected results with best matching candidates
  • Discover and pinpoint your ideal candidates you prefer in THS Data Bank

Why use THS data base?

Found someone you would like to shortlist?

  • Searching for hospitality industry professionals who can integrate seamlessly into your business environment is both time and money consuming.
  • Our supported website and data bank has been up-dated with the most latest IT features for you to find quickly the best candidate suitable to fill your vacancy
  • Get in touch, simply click to contact candidates directly by phone, text or messenger
  • If you want to import candidate details into your own system, you can download profiles one at a time or bulk download with one click
  • In case a colleague of yours is looking for this CV you have spotted, forward it directly

Long-term partnerships

We do believe firmly in forging strong, lasting relationships that assure the long-term success of our partners as well as our candidates.                                       It is not for nothing that we have earned our reputation for passion, dedication and involvement.

Creating global hospitality synergy

But it is perhaps our motto which more than anything else, which sums up our approach to professional hospitality recruitment.                                                  At Tiger Hospitality Search we do not talk about placing the right person in the right job.

Instead, we talk about 

creating global hospitality synergy