Create and upload your resume

Reach out to the finest employers available and get in direct contact with the most well-known and famous luxury hotel & hospitality properties and brands available in our industry.

Here you can create, edit and upload your resume to the system, for input by the administration, straight views and immediate contact for clients and employers.

You may also add some short business data which will be visible on our homepage for potential clients, either with or without your photo.

Resumes must be in either Microsoft Word (.doc) format, or plain text (txt) and may be no larger than 300 K bytes.
Certificates and reference letters must be downloaded only in Adobe, pdf, jpg or zip files.Create-your-resume-16.12.2016

Guidelines & Procedure to sign up, register and set-up your profile

In order present yourself professionally, get contacted and short listed swiftly by a potential employer, please follow these simple steps below:

  1. Create your account as candidate
  2. Register with details as required including phone and category
  3. Sign in and proceed to your dashboard as candidate
  4. Go to profile and fill-in all your personal details which are all mandatory

Show my profile, Full name, Email, Phone number, Job Title, Salary, Skills, Qualification, Categories, Description, Location

Optional are: Cover photo, Profile URl, Date of Birth, Introduction Video, Skills, Socials etc.

  1. Then go to My Resume and fill in as follows: CV Attachment, Education, Experience (at least 4 !), Skills
  2. Finally Save Resume and Upload resume

Your resume should visible in an authentic and appropriate manner, this will get you certainly ahead of your competitors.
Candidates who register and up-load their details only with an email and phone number will be deleted. This is not a professional profile!
We will greatly appreciate if you can follow these simple guidelines.
Thank you for your support and understanding.