About Me

I have worked for Emirates Airline for 12 years, 10 years as a business class flight steward, tending to members of the royal families, dignitaries, and celebrities, providing the best in-flight service there is. My professionalism, work ethics, and resilience have all been recognized by the company. That said, the real reason I can tell you why I am the best person to be hired is my love and passion for the industry. Hospitality and hard work is in my blood, and genuine care for the job and the customers can never be imitated. Service, when it comes from the heart, is felt and remembered. This is why throughout the years I worked for the airline, I have excelled in what I do.

As a Filipino, I know that customer service and being thorough are my strengths. My experience and knowledge adds greater value to who I am and what I do. I have excelled in all the cabin crew trainings that I have gone through, and most recently getting a certification for achieving a perfect score in my recurrent training which indicates that I am capable of quickly acquiring new skills and knowledge in the least amount of time. I am ready for the next chapter of my life and prepared to work at my best.


Bachelor of Arts Major in Communication Arts 2003-2007

University of Santo Tomas

Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relations 2 Academic Awards

Work & Experience

Business Class Flight Attendant

Emirates Airline

06/11/2008 - 10/21/2020

- Ensuring customers’ comfort and safety throughout their journey, anticipating customer needs, and fulfilling all requests. - The organization, quality check, and proper distribution of catering stocks to each crew member according to customer count. - The meticulous preparation and delivery of food and beverage, ensuring that everything served is properly garnished, well-presented, and in the perfect temperature. - Supervising up to 6 crew during service, making certain of its seamless flow, preparing all service requirements so that all customers are attended to promptly. - Sales and promotion of on-board duty free items. - Up-to-date knowledge on first aid procedures, performing CPR, firefighting, and advanced restraint techniques.



Customer Service


Emirates Airline Nojoum Award 2019
For professionalism
Emirates Airline Nojoum Award 2013
For competency during an in-flight emergency