Juergen E. Seidel

About Me

Visionary Engineer & Development Hotelier with over two decades of experience in Asia, Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Europe and Middle East.
With the profound and proven track-record in regards to; Environmental Solutions, ESG, benchmark & certification processes, Develop, Design, Project and Managing luxury hotel and resort technical operations from technical service, engineering, preventive maintenance and fire, life & safety aspects, since 1995.
Specialized in energy and environment efficiency (eco and sustainability specialist – in regards to building, MEP, transportation, water and energy efficiency / with solar, wind, bio matters, heat recovery, Tri-generation and thermal energy), working with ISO certification, ‘EarthCheck’ program, green leaf program, HACCP and other international certification process (enabling bottom line cost reduction through efficiency).
Conceptualizing, developing, design, build & open new hotel, resorts & residential (complex/mix-use), Spa (health & wellness) and culinary/restaurant projects.
With proven management skills and track-record, working on projects at: Spain, Vietnam, Maldives, Fiji, Seychelles, Malaysia, USA, China, Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Turks & Caicos, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Panama, UK/England, Qatar, Egypt, Jordan, Kenya, Guam, Russia, Indonesia, Laos, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia and Thailand.


Technical Engineering studies


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