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I have 19 years career in, hospitality Business like Group General Manager ( cruise line and resort operation world-wide ) where I successfully managed all the Hotel operation at Disney World Wide Resort’s Operation U.S.A ,Caribbean ,China and Europe . Also a proven track record in delivering consistent standards and guest satisfaction while ensuring the training and development of my teams. I am very capable Senior Manager with excellent operations management and people skills. Able to communicate and present confidently, clearly and expressively. Accustomed to working with Senior’s Vice President’s of Hotel Operation. Able to think laterally to create options and solutions. Skilled negotiator, with proven experience in a commercial environment..




Hotel Management 1997-2000

Cornell University

Hotel Management

Work & Experience

Group General Manager ( Resort"s and Cruise Operation )

Walt Disney Resort"s World - Wide and Cruise Operation

01/01/2013 - 04/30/2020

Supports the overall Resort’s and Cruise Operation in China -USA - Caribbean and Europe Hotel Operations team’s to achieve the highest level of customer service, product consistency and profitability in line with the company’s core values, brand pillars and overall commercial, operational and human resources strategy. Responsibilities: Responsible for providing operational support to the shipboard and Resort Senior hotel management and verifies that product quality and service standards are met. Acts as the immediate point of contact for Sore Side - Hotel Operation Manager’s . Responsible for monitoring and resolving issues that are affecting shipboard hotel operations and the guest cruise experience, including conducting deep-dive reviews and service related research. Reviews shipboard reports, passenger relations feedback, social media reviews and other sources of information to identify trends and issues ensuring that the customer service experience is maximize. Reviews policies and procedures and develops cost effective proposals that will improve customer service in collaboration with the S.V.P. Hotel Operations and the business as a whole. Drives the development of customer service initiatives and champions the implementation in conjunction with the teams. Prepares and submits for approval annual customer satisfaction targets. Coordinates and acts as the go to person for all issues relating to customer service program . Responsible for the day-to-day operational efficiency of the vessels. Monitors the shipboard Hotel Key Performance Indicators. Reviews and analyses the indexes on an on-going basis. Responsible for the coordination, planning and execution of ships maintenance periods ensuring Hotel Projects are completed as per the agreed work scope. Works closely with the Furnishing team to ensure vessels are maintained at the appropriate standard. Participates in the itinerary planning process, ensuring that appropriate feedback is received from the overall Resort and Cruise Operation World -Wide . Coordinates group requests and charter arrangements. Responsible for the budgetary control of Hotel Supplies expenditure and for the efficient management inventory. Responsible for the management of the individual T&E expenses within the budgetary allocation. Coordinates with the vessels the development of a Capital Expenditure and Hotel Maintenance project lists ensuring that budget allocations are made accordingly. Pursues with the Resort and Cruise strategies to find new cost efficiency, monitoring the operation standards, manning levels, rotations and other cost saving opportunities. Ensures cooperation across departments and encourage a collaborative and balanced approach to revenue generation and customer experience. Monitors the effective scheduling of events and use of all approved marketing and promotional channels. Analyses current processes to identify areas of improvement and increased efficiency, and develops long-term strategies to increase the operational effectiveness of hotel department Resort and Cruise . Reviews manning levels and shipboard organizational structure to develop proposals that optimize the use of resources and decrease costs. Contributes to the development and supports the implementation of new product initiatives. Supports Senior Management in the analysis, development and implementation of new concepts. Coordinates the implementation and trial periods of new passenger programs. Demonstrates, communicates and preserves the company’s values, beliefs, goals and initiatives by managing, sharing and promoting our core values, Proud program and safety philosophy. Works to recognize and reward employees who represent the core values and customer service program philosophies. Establishes a professional, effective and highly motivated working relationship across all functions and disciplines, taking into account differences in culture, ethnicity and personality. Supports the development of a collaborative work environment both within the department and across the business. Encourages staff to engage in Reduce, Increase, Create, Eliminate (RICE) initiatives. Promotes a harassment-free environment. Responsible for the planning and development of new Hotel Administration and Accommodation management talent. Conducts regular meetings with all the Resort Senior Management and Cruise Operation Director to communicate policies, discuss issues and coordinate solutions. Meets individually with direct reports to establish effective relationships, identify personal development and career goals, discuss specific operational business issues and create a proactive line of communication. Provides immediate feedback to direct reports to reinforce effective management practices, and to provide course correction and constructive guidance to address ineffective management practices. Monitors direct reports to ensure constructive, consistent coaching, professional development and feedback to their reporting staff. Identifies development needs and opportunities for Senior Management Teams. Monitors the effectiveness of training programs. Responsible for ensuring that accurate and timely performance evaluations are completed for the General Manager’s and shore-side staff. Actively participates in the promotion and rotation of Hotel Operations Personnel. Monitors the adherence to hotel policies and procedures to achieve total passenger satisfaction in a clean, safe and healthy environment. Monitors compliance with Fleet Regulations and other internal, external and governmental regulations. Responsible for verifying those internal and external audit findings are addressed in an appropriate and timely fashion, and coordinates plans to prevent repeat findings. Monitors compliance with hotel related public health standards. Coordinates shore side resources and responses in the case of increased sanitation levels driven by outbreak situations. Monitors strict adherence to all hotel related safety and environmental policies and reporting of non-compliance issues. Responsible for sitting on designated shore side committees as delegated by the VP Hotel Operations. Special projects and other duties as delegated by the VP Hotel Operations.

Corporate Director

Walt Disney Resort"s World - Wide and Cruise Operation

01/06/2012 - 01/07/2013

Provides a precise and transparent communication strategy between Corporate team and Restaurant & Beverage Managers in the Fleet. Ensures that all Food and Beverage initiatives that support the Restaurant & Beverage Quarterly Game Plans are outlined, communicated and measured. Conduct and evaluate Restaurant & Beverage Platinum standards in all Food & Beverage Operations that are critical to the outlets success are being met. Working with the Corporate Restaurant & Beverage Team, provides feedback and acts as a partner in the development and Implementation of all ongoing Restaurant & Beverage Training needs. Ensures that Pre-Shift Training needs are understood, developed and communicated on a Monthly / Quarterly basis. Understands that the MDR and the Buffet are Key Loyalty Drivers. Provides Special Attention to the Main Dining Room and Buffet Operations. Looks for Operational Efficiency that support and improve overall Customer Service. Analysis Ship Guest Satisfaction Scores. Works with Ship Leadership Team to better understand the correlations between Guest Satisfaction Score Results and how they are influenced. Working with the Corporate team, helps update and continually develop the Guest Satisfaction Score improvement plan that includes quarterly targets. Pays special attention to “Pre-Shift Briefings”, Operational Communication and Daily Training needs. Ensures that all employees have the training and information they need on daily basis to execute their job and provide upbeat and knowledgeable customer service. Act as a partner to the Corporate Restaurant & Beverage Operations with the development and Implementation of all Restaurant initiatives and tests. Be the owner on the Ship Board relationship, reporting and analysis process in the monitoring operational results. Controls and communicates an effective Restaurant & Beverage “Pipe-Line” plan and Mentoring Program. Monitors the performance of all Restaurant & Beverage Leadership Staff understanding and coaching their personal training needs as well as developing those beneath as potential restaurant leaders. Reviews and evaluate all aspects of on board Restaurant & Beverage operations continuously, including development of strategic choices and analysis before determining appropriate courses of action to facilitate potential changes in operational standards. Review and evaluates total ship Restaurant & Beverage performance. Liaising with Entertainment, Sales and Marketing and Front Desk Teams, looks for opportunities to improve overall Restaurant & Bars/Lounges Flow that reduces impact on Main Dining Room Capacity and Drives Specialty Restaurant Revenues, as well as Bars& Lounges. Works closely with Traveling Culinary teams, ensuring complete alignment with the overall food and beverage messaging. Working with the Corporate Restaurant & Beverage Team, identifies ways to continually develop a motivated and proactive on board management team. Identifies, Implements and Monitors effective operational, financial and cost reduction incentives. Ensures that Incentives are tracked; outstanding performers are rewarded and non-performers are evaluated and coached. Liaise with the Inventory Controllers to ensure that food & beverage service (“Tools to do the Job”) related inventory levels and operating PARS are maintained in a cost-effective manner. Communicates with Corporate Team to better understand operational needs. As part of Ship visits, reviews dining revenues and expenses to ensure they are properly recorded against appropriate budgets and those variations from budgeted amounts, are properly documented /understood. Works with Ship / Restaurant & Beverage Leadership team to ensure that they have financial understanding on how to operate their business. Analyze and review ship / shore generated reports in relation to restaurant service area costs and revenues, satisfaction ratings and material (consumable/durable) management on a continuous basis. Identify deficiencies within existing service delivery systems and initiate and develop efficient and effective alternative courses of action.

Resort General Manager

Coral Beach Tennis Club ( Bermuda Island )

02/01/2006 - 01/17/2011

Responsible for the proper, efficient and profitable functioning of the day to day operations of the Resort(120 Cabanas).Clarify duties and responsibilities of departments and ensure that work flows are in a logical and good order. Ensure that the hotel is clean and well maintained throughout. Ensure proper staffing levels . Oversee the resort standards, policies and procedures are understood and followed. Prepare annual departmental operating budgets as well as capital expenditure and manpower budgets . Control and analyze departmental costs to ensure performance is within budget . Oversees hiring, performance appraisals, counseling, coaching, training, disciplinary action, etc, for respective divisions. Attend/Lead daily morning briefings and any other meetings as scheduled. Analyze rate discrepancy reports to ensure room revenue control. Develops annual priorities and operating plan and supports the Resort long term strategy. Lead, motivate, engage at all levels . Work on special projects as assigned by the Owner.

Restaurant Manager / F&B Director

P&O Australia

01/21/2003 - 09/05/2005

Restaurant Manager Supervises all Restaurant Department on board to make sure they will working in the assigned area within the assigned station Oversees staff in all areas assigned by F&B Director: ensures all objectives, including passenger satisfaction, are successfully met , Assists during Food and Beverage service and takes responsibility for maximizing revenue. Oversees that table settings and all equipment are used in the correct way. Ensures that the staff are familiar with the content of menus, wine list, and food and wine pairing. Responsible for training and motivating staff in Food and Beverage and USPH related issues. Reviews the progress of the Waiters and Junior Waiters and prepare performance evaluations



Managing Stress
The Disciplinary Process
Conducting Effective Performance Appraisals
Cultural Awareness
Time Management


Employee Of The Year 2019 -2020
Group General Manager Employee Of The Year for all the Operation on Wald Disney Resort and Cruise . Achievement the great result's in the revenue and Guest Satisfaction .

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